Agnes CUNNINGHAM ( - )

1. Agnes CUNNINGHAM married Andrew STEWART.


Andrew STEWART, son of Andrew STEWART ( -c. 1548) and Margaret HAMILTON (c. 1496- ), was born circa 1521. He had the title '2nd Lord Ochiltree,'. He died. He and Agnes CUNNINGHAM had the following children:



Andrew STEWART ( - )

Second Generation

2. Andrew STEWART Master of Ochiltree, son of Andrew STEWART and Agnes CUNNINGHAM, had the title 'Master of Ochiltree'. He married Margaret STEWART.


Margaret STEWART, daughter of Henry STEWART ( - ), was born before [Julian] 9 March 1567. She and Andrew STEWART had the following children:



Margaret STEWART (bef1578- )

Third Generation

3. Margaret STEWART, daughter of Andrew STEWART Master of Ochiltree and Margaret STEWART, was born before 1578. She married John STEWART.


John STEWART, son of Sir James STEWART of Schillinglaw, 6th of Traquhair (c. 1534-1607) and Catherine KERR (bef1578-1606), was born before 1594. He and Margaret STEWART had the following children:



John STEWART (c. 1600-1659). John was born circa 1600. He had the title '1st Earl of Traquair'. He was a Lord High Treasurer to Charles I. He died on 27 March 1659.