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Gwenllian, ( - )

1. Gwenllian, Princess of Deheubarth was the daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan (1055-1137) and Angharad Ferch Owain (c. 1065-1162).


Gwenllian - princess of Deheubarth, was the mother of Rhys ap Gruffydd, Yr Arglwydd Rhys. She was killed in 1136 by Maurice de Londres after being defeated by him near Cydweli. Her two youngest sons, possibly still babes in arms, were with her: Morgan was killed and Maelgwn was captured and suffered an unknown fate. Andrew Breeze has recently argued that she was the author of the Mabinogi.

Princess Gwenllian

Our prince is far distant, the foeman is near,
And though we shall face him without any fear
A leader we lack, for our chieftain's not here.

The door of the bower is opened, there stands
To lead the proud Cymry to fight for their lands
The Lady Gwenllian, a sword in her hands.

It's away with the distaff, the needle, the loom,
And the song of the harp in the tapestried room,
We must ride out and fight, though we ride to our doom.

The Norman advances through Gwendraeth's green meads,
His dream is of plunder and bloodthirsty deeds,
To arms, then, my warriors, your princess now leads.

To the field they advance, a stout-hearted throng,
The heart of a tyrant is hard as a stone,
No quarter she askes for, no quarter is shown.

To foul execution our Princess is led,
The sword of the tyrant has struck off her head,
But the voice of Gwenllian still calls from the dead.