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Beatrice HOLLAND (992-aft1035)

1. Beatrice of HOLLAND, daughter of Regnier IV GRAFF VAN HOLLAND ( - ) and Adele Capet of Paris PRINCESS OF FRANCE ( - ), was born in 0992. She died after 1035. She married Ebles I, Count of Rheims and Roucy.


Ebles I, Count of Rheims and Roucy, son of Giselbert, Count of Rheims, Roucy and Vermandois (950-986) and Judith de Macon (c. 962- ), was born in 0988. He died in 1033. He and Beatrice of HOLLAND had the following children:



Countess Adela (Alix) of Roucy (c. 1026-1063)

Second Generation

2. Countess Adela (Alix) of Roucy (also known as Aelis of Savoy and ROUCY), daughter of Ebles I, Count of Rheims and Roucy and Beatrice of HOLLAND, was born circa 1026 in Roucy, Aisne. She married Count Hildouin IV of Roucy and Montdidier in 1034 in Roucy. She died in 1063.


Count Hildouin IV of Roucy and Montdidier was born in 1020 in Montdidier, Somme. He and Countess Adela (Alix) of Roucy had the following children:



Margaret de Montdidier (c. 1046- )

Third Generation

3. Margaret de Montdidier, daughter of Count Hildouin IV of Roucy and Montdidier and Countess Adela (Alix) of Roucy, was born circa 1046 in Montdidier, Somme. She married Hugh de Clermont circa 1064.


Hugh de Clermont, son of Renaud de Clermont Creil (c. 1000- ), was born circa 1030 in Northampton. He died in 1101. He and Margaret de Montdidier had the following children:



Adeliza de Clermont (c. 1066- ). Adeliza was born circa 1066.


Ermentrude de Clermont (c. 1066- ). Ermentrude was born circa 1066.


Count Renaud II of Clermont (c. 1108-1162). Count was born circa 1108 in Clermont, Oise. He died in 1162 in Beauvaises.