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Sir (1325-c. 1388)

1. Sir Robert Stewart of Innermeath (of Durrisdeer), son of Sir Sir James Stewart of Pearston (Periston) ( -1333), was born in 1325. He had the title 'Lord of Innermeath'. He died circa 1388.


Sir Robert Stewart of Innermeath (of Durrisdeer) had the following children:



John STEWART (c. 1350-1421)

Second Generation

2. John STEWART, son of Sir Robert Stewart of Innermeath (of Durrisdeer), was born circa 1350. He had the title '1st Baron of Lorn and Innermeath'. He died in 1421. He married Isabel MacDougall de Erqadia.


Isabel MacDougall de Erqadia, daughter of Eion MacDougall, Lord of Lorn (c. 1328- ) and Joan ISAAC (c. 1337- ), was born circa 1362. She died on 21 December 1439. She and John STEWART had the following children:



James STEWART (1383-1451)

Third Generation

3. Sir James STEWART, son of John STEWART and Isabel MacDougall de Erqadia, was born in 1383 in Innermeath, Argyllshire. He married Joan BEAUFORT on 21 September 1439. He died in 1451.


Sir James was known as "The Black Knight of Lorn".

He was a close ally of the Black Douglas and plotted the overthrow of the boy-king's guardian, the powerful Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar. The latter imprisoned the Queen-Dowager in Stirling Castle and threw Sir James Stewart into the castle pit-dungeon. However, they were later freed and, with papal dispensation, Sir James married the Dowager Queen. He had safe-conducts to visit England in 1445, 1447 and 1451, but was captured at sea by a Flemish ship and put to death.


Joan BEAUFORT, daughter of John de Beaufort EARL OF SOMERSET (aft1371-1410) and Margaret de Holand (aft1381-1439), was born before 1407. She married James I KING OF SCOTLAND on 2 February 1424 in St. Mary Overy, Southwark. She died on [Julian] 15 July 1445 in Dunbar Castle. She and James STEWART had the following children:



John STEWART (c. 1440-1512). John was born circa 1440. He had the title '1st Earl of Athol'. He married Eleanor SINCLAIR on 19 April 1475 in Dunkeld Cathedral. He died on 15 September 1512 in Laighwood, Perth. He was buried in Dunkeld Cathedral.


James STEWART (1442-1499). James was born in 1442. He had the title '1st Earl of Buchan (of the third creation)'. He died in 1499.