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Adelaide ( - )

1. Adelaide, daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard de Tonbridge ( - ), married William de PERCY.


William de PERCY was the son of William "Algernon" de Percy (c. 1040- ) and Emma de Port ( - ). He and Adelaide had the following children:



Agnes de Percy ( - )

Second Generation

2. Agnes de Percy, daughter of William de PERCY and Adelaide, married Josceline de Louvain of Petworth.


Josceline de Louvain of Petworth was the son of Godfrey Brabatus, Duke of Lothier (1060-1139). He and Agnes de Percy had the following children:



Henry de PERCY (c. 1145-1198)

Third Generation

3. Henry de PERCY, son of Josceline de Louvain of Petworth and Agnes de Percy, was born circa 1145. He died in 1198. He was buried in Abbey St. Lo, Normandy, France. He married Isabel.


Isabel was the daughter of Adam de Brus, Lord of Skelton ( - ). She and Henry de PERCY had the following children:



William de Percy (c. 1193-1245). William was born circa 1193 in Alnwick, Northumberland. He married Eleanor de Baliol circa 1234 in Red Castle, Scotland. He died in 1245.