Muriel CALDER ( -c. 1575)

1. Muriel CALDER died circa 1575. She married Sir John Campbell of Calder.


Sir John Campbell of Calder, son of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of ARGYLL (bef1478-1513), was born before 1510. He died on 1 May 1546. He and Muriel CALDER had the following children:



Katherine CAMPBELL (bef1526-1578)

Second Generation

2. Katherine CAMPBELL, daughter of Sir John Campbell of Calder and Muriel CALDER, was born before 1526. She died on 1 October 1578. She married David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford.


David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford, son of Walter LINDSAY (bef1498-1513) and unk ERSKINE ( - ), was born before 1513. He died in 1558. He and Katherine CAMPBELL had the following children:



David LINDSAY (bef1558-1610)

Third Generation

3. Sir David LINDSAY, son of David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford and Katherine CAMPBELL, was born before 1558. He died in December 1610. He married Helen UNK.


He lived in Edzell, Brechin, Angus, Scotland.


Helen UNK had the title 'Lady Helen Lindsay'. She and David LINDSAY had the following children:



Margaret LINDSAY (bef1590-1614). Margaret was born before 1590. She died on [Julian] 9 July 1614.