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Walter FITZALAN (c. 1178-1241)

1. Walter FITZALAN, son of Alan FITZWALTER ( -1204), was born circa 1178. He died in 1241.


He was the 3rd Lord High Steward of Scotland.


Walter FITZALAN had the following children:



Alexander Stewart of DUNDONALD (1214-1283)

Second Generation

2. Alexander Stewart of DUNDONALD, son of Walter FITZALAN, was born in 1214. He died in 1283. He married Jean MACRORY.


He was the 4th Lord high Stewart of Scotland.


Jean MACRORY and Alexander Stewart of DUNDONALD had the following children:



Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl (c. 1246-1298)

Third Generation

3. Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl, son of Alexander Stewart of DUNDONALD and Jean MACRORY, was born circa 1246. He died on 22 July 1298.


He was a signatory of the Turnberry Band ;he fought as captain with William Wallace, q.v., at Battle of Falkirk.


Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl had the following children:



Sir James Stewart of Pearston (Periston) ( -1333). Sir died on 19 July 1333.