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Hildegarde (c. 939- )

1. Hildegarde France, daughter of King of France LOUIS IV ( - ) and Gerberga of Saxony (913-984), was born circa 0939. She married Count Diedrich II de Friesland.


Count Diedrich II de Friesland, son of Count Diedrich I de Friesland (c. 900- ) and Gerberge (Geva) de Mayinhard ( - ), was born circa 0938. He died in 0966. He and Hildegarde France had the following children:



Arnold de Gand (c. 961-993)

Second Generation

2. Arnold de Gand, son of Count Diedrich II de Friesland and Hildegarde France, was born circa 0961 in Ghent, Flanders. He married Luitgarde de Luxembourg in May 0980. He died on 18 September 0993 in Egmond-Binnen, Netherlands.


Luitgarde de Luxembourg was born circa 0963. She died circa 1005. She and Arnold de Gand had the following children:



Adele (Adeline) de Holland (c. 980- )

Third Generation

3. Adele (Adeline) de Holland, daughter of Arnold de Gand and Luitgarde de Luxembourg, was born circa 0980. She married Enricule (Baldwin II??) Comte de Boulogne.


Enricule (Baldwin II??) Comte de Boulogne, son of Arnoul II, Gui de Boulogne (c. 950- ), was born circa 0976. He died in 1033. He and Adele (Adeline) de Holland had the following children:



Eustache I de Boulogne (c. 1004-1049). Eustache was born circa 1004 in Boulogne-sur-Mer. He married Mathilde (Maud MAHAUT) VON LOWEN in 1019. He died in 1049 in Boulogne-sur-Mer.