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Sunnichild BAVARIA (c. 700-741)

1. Sunnichild BAVARIA, daughter of Duke Theodebert Bavaria (c. 685-bef725) and ... de Folcheid (c. 685- ), was born circa 0700. She died in 0741. She married Charles Martel (The Hammer) King of the Franks.


Charles Martel (The Hammer) King of the Franks (also known as Charles Martel, Mayor of the Palace), son of Pepin II, Duke of Austrasie (c. 635-714), was born in 0672. He was born in 0676. He died in 0741. He and Sunnichild BAVARIA had the following children:



unk (c. 740- )

Second Generation

2. unk, daughter of Charles Martel (The Hammer) King of the Franks and Sunnichild BAVARIA, was born circa 0740. She married Alfbard de Friesland.


Alfbard de Friesland, son of Poppon de Friesland (c. 700-aft734), was born circa 0735. He died in 0786. He and unk had the following children:



Nordalah de Friesland (c. 765-810)

Third Generation

3. Nordalah de Friesland, son of Alfbard de Friesland and unk, was born circa 0765. He died in 0810.


Nordalah de Friesland had the following children:



Gerulf de Friesland (c. 790-aft834). Gerulf was born circa 0790. He died after 0834.