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Marah WELD (1645-1693)

1. Marah WELD, daughter of Joseph WELD (c. 1595-1646) and Barbara CLAPP (c. 1614-1655), was born on 2 August 1645 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. She died on 8 October 1693 in Middletown, Hartford, CT. She married Comfort STARR.


Comfort STARR, son of Thomas STARR (1615-c. 1659) and Rachel HARRIS (1618-c. 1659), was born on 15 November 1644 in Scituate, Plymouth, MA. He died on 18 October 1693 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. He and Marah WELD had the following children:



Joseph STARR (1676-1758)

Second Generation

2. Joseph STARR, son of Comfort STARR and Marah WELD, was born on 23 September 1676 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. He married Abigail BALDWIN on 24 June 1697 in Middletown. He died on 13 July 1758 in Middletown.


Abigail BALDWIN was born on 14 December 1678 in Guilford, New Haven, CT. She died on 24 August 1745. She and Joseph STARR had the following children:



Thomas STARR (1706-1746)

Third Generation

3. Thomas STARR, son of Joseph STARR and Abigail BALDWIN, was born on 14 September 1706 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. He died on 3 December 1746. He married Thankful GRISWOLD.


Thankful GRISWOLD was born on 19 December 0715 in Wethersfield, CT. She and Thomas STARR had the following children:



David STARR (1738-1813). David was born on 21 March 1738 in Salisbury, CT. He died on 11 August 1813 in Adams, Jefferson, NY.