Roger GRISWOLD ( - )

1. Roger GRISWOLD has few details recorded about him.


Roger GRISWOLD had the following children:



Dorothy GRISWOLD ( -1610)

Second Generation

2. Dorothy GRISWOLD, daughter of Roger GRISWOLD, died on 29 June 1610 in England. She married John WELD.


John WELD, son of John WELD (1505-1552) and Johanna FITZHUGH ( - ), died before 12 August 1579 in England. He and Dorothy GRISWOLD had the following children:



Edmund WELD (1563-1608)

Third Generation

3. Edmund WELD, son of John WELD and Dorothy GRISWOLD, was born in 1563 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. He died on 22 July 1608 in Sudbury. He married Amy CLARK.


Amy CLARK, daughter of Sir Francis CLARK (1540- ), was born in 1566 in Sudbury. She died on 13 July 1593 in Sudbury. She and Edmund WELD had the following children:



Joseph WELD (c. 1595-1646). Joseph was born circa 1595 in Suffolk, England. He married Barbara CLAPP on 20 April 1639 in Roxbury, Suffolk, MA. He died on 7 October 1646 in Roxbury.