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Adam HAILES (c. 1435-c. 1479)

1. Adam Hepburn, Master of HAILES, son of Sir Patrick Hepburn, 1st Lord Hailes (c. 1412-aft1482) and Ellen WALLACE ( - ), was born circa 1435. He died circa 1479. He married Helen HOME.


Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes succeeded to the title of Master of Hailes. Circa 1462 he is said to have been lover of Marie, widow of King James II, and involved in a plot against King James III but was pardoned.


Helen HOME, daughter of Sir Alexander HOME (bef1400-1424) and Janet HAY (bef1400- ), was born before 1439. She died after 1512. She and Adam Hepburn, Master of HAILES had the following children:



Patrick HEPBURN (bef1466-1508)

Second Generation

2. Patrick HEPBURN, son of Adam Hepburn, Master of HAILES and Helen HOME, was born before 1466. He had the title '1st Earl of Bothwell'. He died on 18 October 1508. He married Janet DOUGLAS.


Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell was invested as a Knight before February 1480/81. He succeeded to the title of 2nd Lord Hailes [S., 1452] circa 1483. In 1483 he was a conservator of a truce with England. He fought in the Battle of Sauchieburn before 1488, where he led the vanguard against King James III of Scotland. He held the office of Master of the Household in 1488. He held the office of High Admiral [Scotland] in 1488.2 He held the office of Keeper of the Castle of Edinburgh in 1488. He held the office of Sheriff Principal of Edinburgh in 1488.2 He was created 1st Earl of Bothwell [Scotland] on 17 October 1488, granted to him by new king James IV following Hepburn's prominent part in the victory of Sauchieburn over King James III. He held the office of Warden of the West and Middle Marches in July 1489. On 6 March 1491/92 he received, in exchange for the Lordship of Bothwell, the great Lordship of Liddisdale with the Castle of Hermitage, from the family of Douglas, Earl of Angus. On 20 June 1493 his grants from the King were excepted from the general reversal of the King's grants made during his minority. He held the office of Captain of Dunbarton Castle in April 1495. In October 1501 he was one of the Embassy who concluded the marriage of Kings James IV of Scotland to Margaret, daughter of King Henry VII.


Lady Janet DOUGLAS was born before 1435. She died before 1490. She and Patrick HEPBURN had the following children:



Margaret HEPBURN ( - )

Third Generation

3. Margaret HEPBURN, daughter of Patrick HEPBURN and Lady Janet DOUGLAS, married John MURRAY.


... of Hailes.


John MURRAY, son of Patrick MURRAY ( -1413), died on 20 February 1477. He and Margaret HEPBURN had the following children:



Andrew MURRAY ( -1485). Andrew died on 31 December 1485.


Elizabeth MURRAY ( - )


Patrick MURRAY ( -1493). Patrick died on 27 February 1493.


Peter MURRAY ( -1511). Peter died on 27 July 1511.


Charles MURRAY ( -1491). Charles died on 20 May 1491.


Roger MURRAY ( -1504). Roger died on 1 January 1504.


William MURRAY ( -1499). William died on 30 April 1499.