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Nicholas ( - )

1. Nicholas de Hibburne, son of Robert de Hyburne ( -aft1245), married Emme.


Emme and Nicholas de Hibburne had the following children:



Adam de Hibburne ( - )

Second Generation

2. Adam de Hibburne, son of Nicholas de Hibburne and Emme, married Mariota FOURBOUR.


In 1317 he sided with the Scots. In 1343 he and his wife were granted the lands of Hailes, Traprain and other lands in East Lothian and elsewhere by Patrick de Dunbar, Earl of March.


Mariota FOURBOUR and Adam de Hibburne had the following children:



Patrick Hepburn of Hailes (bef1322-aft1402)

Third Generation

3. Patrick Hepburn of Hailes, son of Adam de Hibburne and Mariota FOURBOUR, was born before 1322. He died after 1402.


In 1381 he had a safe conduct from King Richard II in to pass through England to the Holy Land.


Patrick Hepburn of Hailes had the following children:



Patrick Hepburn of Hailes, the Younger ( -1402). Patrick was born. He died in 1402.