Dorothie UNK ( -aft1634)

1. Dorothie UNK died after [Julian] 5 April 1634. She married Patrick COPLAND.


Rev'd Patrick COPLAND, son of John COPLAND ( - ), was born circa 1572 in Scotland. He was a Founder of the Chair of Theology, University of Aberdeen, 1617. He appeared in the census. He died after 7 August 1648 in Bermuda. He and Dorothie UNK had the following children:



Mary COPLAND ( -aft1677)


Kesiah COPLAND ( -aft1712)


Alexander COPLAND ( - )

Second Generation

2. Mary COPLAND, daughter of Rev'd Patrick COPLAND and Dorothie UNK, married John TAYLOR after [Julian] 5 April 1634 in Paget, Bermuda. She married Philip LEA before [Julian] 25 January 1651. She died after 27 December 1677 in Bermuda.


Her name is also recorded as Marie.


John TAYLOR was born. He and Mary COPLAND had the following children:



Mary TAYLOR ( - )


Dorothy TAYLOR ( - )


Elizabeth TAYLOR ( - )


Philip LEA was born in Bradford, Dorset. He died after [Julian] 19 February 1672 in Bermuda. He made a will on 19 February 1673. He and Mary COPLAND had the following children:



Copeland LEA (1651-1691)


Susannah LEA (1658-aft1691)


3. Kesiah COPLAND, daughter of Rev'd Patrick COPLAND and Dorothie UNK, died after 1712 in Bermuda. She married Thomas FORSTER.


Thomas FORSTER and Kesiah COPLAND had the following children:



Josias FORSTER ( - )


4. Alexander COPLAND was the son of Rev'd Patrick COPLAND and Dorothie UNK.

Third Generation

5. Mary TAYLOR was the daughter of John TAYLOR and Mary COPLAND.


6. Dorothy TAYLOR was the daughter of John TAYLOR and Mary COPLAND.


7. Elizabeth TAYLOR was the daughter of John TAYLOR and Mary COPLAND.


8. Captain Copeland LEA, son of Philip LEA and Mary COPLAND, was born on [Julian] 25 January 1651. He died in August 1691. He married Sarah STOWE.


Copeland Lea:

deposition before HM Council, 10 August 1686

The Deposition of Copeland Lea, aged about 23 years, yt sometime after his Maties King James y Second was proclaimed in these Islands, ye sd depont wth sevrall others persons met together at Crowlane Church, namely Capt. Thomas Richards, Mr Samll Trott, William Righton Senr, Anthony White, Henry Harvy, Arthur Jones, Willm Peniston, John Darrell, Joseph Stone, Willm, Kiell, Geo Bascomb, Stephen Righton, Fra Dickinson, John Squire, Richd Pitt, Josph Darrell, Willm Tucker, Henry Tucker, Christopher Burrows, Willm Seymour, Willm Green, Richd Stafford, Mich Burrows, Thom Outerbridge, Lawr Dill, Geo Hubbard, in order to consider of an address to be sent to his Matie by direccon from his Honr ye GoverE and yt soon afterwards may of ye psons aforesaid met together at ye same place to consider of sending home ye sd address together wth some aggrievances to his Maty, and yt some time after ye sd depont wth sundry of said prsons met together at ye house of Richd Jennings to send a letter to ye GoverE in reference to Indyans brought in by Capt Sharp from Compecha (by report) wch was sent accordingly by Thomas Outerbridge, and afterwards ye sais depont, togehter with Thomas Outerbridge, Lawr Dill, John Hutchins, Capt Fra Tucker, mer at ye house of said Tucker upon Willm Penistons complaint concerning Capt Sharp & afterwards ye said depont met ye other Justices at Anthony Penistons house upon ye same att.o. At another time ye sd Justices met at John Hutchins house to take Willm Penistons evidence wch evidence was after sent to his Honr ye Gove & afterwards yt the Military officers met together at ye house of ye said depont as they said by ye Rt Honble ye GoverE order. This is truth accoeding to ye best of his remembrance.

Copeland Lea

Sworn to before ye Councell ye 10th Augt 1686.


Sarah STOWE was born circa 1645 in Bermuda. She died in January 1722 in Paget Bermuda. She and Copeland LEA had the following children:



Philip LEA (c. 1680-c. 1706). Philip was born circa 1680. He died circa 1706 in Southampton, Bermuda.


Thomas LEA (bef1691-c. 1726). Thomas was born before October 1691 in Paget (probably). He married Catherine GILBERT between 1700 and 1707. He died circa October 1726 in Rosemont, Paget, Bermuda.


Copeland LEA (bef1691- ). Copeland was born before October 1691.


Benjamin LEA ( -bef1729). Benjamin died before 1729.


William LEA ( - )


John LEA ( -1714). John died on 5 May 1714.


Mary LEA ( - )


Elizabeth LEA ( - )


Susannah LEA ( - ). Susannah married unk WARD circa 1721 in Bermuda.


9. Susannah LEA, daughter of Philip LEA and Mary COPLAND, was born on 8 March 1658 in Bermuda. She married John WENTWORTH before December 1683 in Bermuda. She died after 21 October 1691 in Bermuda.


John WENTWORTH, son of Hugh WENTWORTH ( - ) and Mary UNK ( - ), was born before 1637 in Smiths, Bermuda. He died after 7 October 1716 in Warwiick, Bermuda. He and Susannah LEA had the following children:



Mary WENTWORTH (c. 1690-1761). Mary was born circa 1690 in Bermuda. She married Daniel SMITH before 1716. She died in [Julian] January 1761 in Bermuda.


Hugh WENTWORTH (aft1691- ). Hugh was born after [Julian] August 1691 in Warwick, Bermuda (Probably).


Philip WENTWORTH (aft1691- ). Philip was born after [Julian] 24 August 1691 in Warwick.


John WENTWORTH (aft1722- ). John was born after [Julian] 5 July 1722.


10. Josias FORSTER was the son of Thomas FORSTER and Kesiah COPLAND.