Anna UNK ( - )

1. Anna UNK married James BAZLEY.


James BAZLEY was the son of Thomas BAZLEY (1773-1845) and Anne HILTON ( - ). He and Anna UNK had the following children:



Herbert BAZLEY ( - )

Second Generation

2. Herbert BAZLEY, son of James BAZLEY and Anna UNK, married Emma POLLOCK.


Emma POLLOCK died in 1934. She and Herbert BAZLEY had the following children:



Ernest BAZLEY (1882- )

Third Generation

3. Ernest BAZLEY, son of Herbert BAZLEY and Emma POLLOCK, was born in 1882 in Manchester. He married Olwen Rosamund LEWIS in 1910 in St, Clements, Chorlton-cum-Hardy.


Olwen Rosamund LEWIS was born in 1890. She and Ernest BAZLEY had the following children:



Ruth BAZLEY (1915-1996). Ruth was born on 1 November 1915. She married George EVA in 1939. She died in 1996.