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Mary BURTON ( - )

1. Mary William BURTON, daughter of Edward William BURTON of Clifden, County Galway ( - ), married Maurice FITZGERALD.


Maurice FITZGERALD and Mary William BURTON had the following children:



Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD ( - )


Francis Alexander FITZGERALD ( - )


William FITZGERALD ( - )

Second Generation

2. Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD, daughter of Maurice FITZGERALD and Mary William BURTON, appeared in the census. She married William H.W. FITZGERALD.


It is not known if her mother was indeed Mary Burton, or her father's first wife (name unknown).


William H.W. FITZGERALD, son of William FITZGERALD of Kilcarragh ( - ) and Anne POWELL ( - ), was born in 1789 in Co. Clare, Ireland. He was a JP, High Sheriff, 1842. He died on 17 February 1872 in Cliffe Hall, Piercebridge. He and Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD had the following children:



Anne FITZGERALD ( -1877)


Mary FITZGERALD (1819-1852)


3. Francis Alexander FITZGERALD, son of Maurice FITZGERALD and Mary William BURTON, was a Third Baron of the Exchequer.


4. Bishop William FITZGERALD, son of Maurice FITZGERALD and Mary William BURTON, was a Bishop in the Church of Ireland.


Bishop Fitzgerald is the son of the late Maurice Fitzgerald, of
Lifford, M.D. He was born Dec. 3, 1814, and educated at
Midleton School, from which he went to Trinity College, Dublin.
He obtained Scholarship in 1833, and took the degrees of B.D.
andD.D., Vern. 1853.

In 1847 he was appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy, and
subsequently, in 1852, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, which
latter appointment he held until he was raised to the Bishopric
of Cork, &c., in 1857. He was Prebendary of Donoughmore,
in St. Patrick s, Dublin (1848), which he resigned in 1851, and
became Yicar of St. Ann s, Dublin, and private chaplain to
Archbishop Whately. In 1855 he became Archdeacon of
Kildare and Prebendary of Timothan, in St. Patrick s, Dublin.

Bishop Fitzgerald has published

Abuse of Words, Impediment to Knowledge. Dublin, 1840.

Scripture, the Rule of Faith. London, 1842.

Practical Sermons. London, 1847.

A Translation of Dr. Whitaker s Disputation on Holy Scripture,
with Notes. Published by the Parker Society. 8vo.

Cambridge, 1849.


Selections from Aristotle s Nicomachean Ethics, with an Introduc
tion and Notes. Dublin, 1850.
The Connexion of Morality with Religion. A Sermon.

London, 1851.
National Humiliation, a Step towards Amendment. A Sermon.

Dublin, 1855.
Duties of the Parochial Clergy. A Charge delivered in 1857.

London, 1857.
The Duty of Catechizing the Young. A Charge delivered in 1858.

London, 1858.

Speech in the House of Lords, March 20, 1859, on [in favour of]
Lord Wodehouse s Bill for Legalizing Marriages with a deceased wife s
sister. London, 1860.

A Letter to the Laity of Cork [on Prayer Meetings, &c.] 8vo.

Dublin, 1860.

Thoughts on Present Circumstances of the Church in Ireland. A
Charge delivered in 1860. London, 1860.

The Revival of Synods. A Charge. London, 1861.

A Charge delivered in 1864. London, 1864.

A Charge delivered in 1866. London, 1866.

A Charge, with an Appendix on Priestly Absolution. London, 1867.
Two Sermons on Christian Baptism. Dublin, 1871.

Sermon on Ministry of Forgiveness of Sins. Dublin, 1873.

Remarks on the Baptismal Rubric. Dublin, 1873.

Forms for Ordaining Priests. Dublin, 1874.

Letter to the Clergy on the Athanasian Creed. Dublin, 1875.

He contributed, in 1861, to the "Aids to Faith," London,
Murray ; an Essay on the Study of the Evidences of Chris
tianity, pp. 43-80; and, in 1863, an article on Miracles to
Professor William Smith s Dictionary of the Bible, vol. ii. In
conjunction with the late Archbishop Whately he was a prin
cipal contributor to the valuable volume entitled " Cautions for
the Times," published in 1851-2.

He also edited Bishop Butler s Analogy, with Notes, and a
Life of the Author. 8vo. Dublin, 1849 ; reprinted 1860.



William Fitzgerald (1814¨C1883) was the Church of Ireland bishop of Killaloe.

Fitzgerald, son of Maurice Fitzgerald, M.D., by his second wife, Mary, daughter of Edward William Burton of Clifden, county Galway, and younger brother of Francis Alexander Fitzgerald, third baron of the exchequer, was born at Lifford, Limerick, 3 Dec. 1814. He was first educated at Middleton, co. Cork, and then entering Trinity College, Dublin, in November 1830, obtained a scholarship in 1833, the primate's Hebrew prize in 1834, and the Downes's premium for composition in 1835 and 1837. He took his degree of B.A. 1835, his M.A. 1848, and his B.D. and D.D. 1853.

He was ordained deacon 25 April 1838, and priest 23 Aug. 1847, and while serving as curate of Lackagh, Kildare, made his first essay as an author. Philip Bury Duncan of New College, Oxford, having offered a sum of ¡ê50, for an essay on Logomachy, or the Abuse of Words, Fitzgerald bore off the prize with the special commendation of the donor and an additional grant of 25l. for the expense of printing the essay. After serving the curacy of Clontarf, Dublin, from 1846¨C8 he was collated to the vicarage and prebend of Donoghmore, in the diocese of Dublin, on 16 Feb. in the latter year. From 1847 to 1852 he was professor of moral philosophy in Trinity College, Dublin, and from 1852 to 1857 was professor of ecclesiastical history in the same university. His next promotion was to the vicarage of St. Anne's, Dublin, 18 July 1851, whence he removed to the perpetual curacy of Monkstown, Dublin, on 13 May 1855, being in the same year also appointed prebendary of Timothan, Dublin, and archdeacon of Kildare.

On 8 March 1857 he was consecrated bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, and in 1862 was translated to Killaloe by letters patent dated 3 Feb.

He was a voluminous author both under his own name and as an anonymous writer, and was the chief contributor to the series of papers called ¡®The Cautions for the Times,¡¯ which was edited by Archbishop Whately in 1853. His edition of Bishop Butler's ¡®Analogy¡¯ displays such judgment and ¡®learning without pedantry¡¯ that it superseded all the previous editions.

He died at Clarisford House, Killaloe, 24 Nov. 1883, and was buried at St. Nicholas Church, Cork, on 28 Nov.

He married, in 1840, Anne, elder daughter of George Stoney of Oakley Park, Queen's County, and by her, who died 20 Oct. 1859, he had six children, including the noted scientist George FitzGerald (1851¨C1901).

Third Generation

5. Anne FITZGERALD, daughter of William H.W. FITZGERALD and Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD, was born. She appeared in the census. She married Richard Bassett WILSON on 5 December 1839. She died on 11 July 1877.


Anne was one of two daughters of William Fitzgerald, a Sheriff and JP from County Clare in Ireland. Her younger sister Mary married Sir Lucius O'Brien, 14th Baron Inchiquin. The Fitzgerald family motto is "Shanet a Boo" (No literal translation of the Fitzgerald Motto has been located to date. It is thought to be a corruption of Shanid, a land grant in County Limerick to the Fitzgeralds in 1197 and the site of Shanid Castle. Suggestions range from the battle cry "Shanet to Victory" to "My Home is My Castle", "Long Live" etc.).


Richard Bassett WILSON, son of John WILSON (1767- ) and Martha BASSETT (1776-1869), was born on 3 April 1806. He was a Magistrate and Landed Proprietor. He died on 18 February 1867. He and Anne FITZGERALD had the following children:



Juliana Cecilia WILSON (1840-1898). Juliana was born on 11 September 1840. She married Thomas Charles Johnson SOWERBY on 14 September 1865. She died on 15 November 1898.


John Gerald WILSON (1841-1902). John was born on 29 December 1841 in Yorkshire, Man[s]field. He was a Colonel in the Army. He married Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN on 4 June 1873. He died on 8 March 1902.


William Henry FITZGERALD-WILSON (1844-1932). William was born on 22 April 1844. He was a Barrister. He married Isabella Olave STANHOPE on 21 November 1885. He died on 17 April 1932.


Mary Lucia WILSON (1844?-1930). Mary was born in 1844 (estimated) in Kilnarsola, Co. Clare, Ireland. She died on 20 January 1930.


Richard Bassett WILSON (1846-1901). Richard was born in 1846 in Cliffe Hall, Piercebridge. He was a Colonel in the Army. He died on 21 March 1901.


Augusta Jane WILSON (1848- ). Augusta was born on 28 May 1848. She married Thomas Robins BOLITHO on 30 June 1870 in Westminster.


Emily Gertrude WILSON (aft1851-1928). Emily was born after 1851. She married James Fitzgerald BANNATYNE on 17 December 1878. She died on 10 October 1928.


Maurice Fitzgerald WILSON (1858-1945). Maurice was born on 4 February 1858 in London. He was a Civil Engineer. He was confirmed on 20 October 1874. He married Florence May BADNALL on 2 August 1884. He died on 23 December 1945. He was buried in December 1945.


6. Mary FITZGERALD, daughter of William H.W. FITZGERALD and Juliana Cecilia FITZGERALD, was born in 1819. She married Lucius O'BRIEN on 21 February 1837. She died on 26 May 1852. She was buried in Kensall Green Cemetery.


Sir Lucius O'BRIEN, son of Sir Edward O'BRIEN 4th Baronet (1773-1837) and Charlotte SMITH ( - ), was born in 1800. He had the title '14th (8th?) Baron of Inchiquin'. He died in 1872. He and Mary FITZGERALD had the following children:



Mary Grace O'BRIEN ( -1912). Mary died on 12 July 1912.


Charlotte Anne O'BRIEN ( -1918). Charlotte died on 31 January 1918.


Edward Donough O'BRIEN (1839-1900). Edward was born on 14 May 1839. He had the title '14th Baron Inchiquin'. He married Ellen Harriet WHITE on 29 January 1874. He died on 9 April 1900.