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John BEAUMONT (c. 1360-1396)

1. John BEAUMONT, son of Henry BEAUMONT 3rd Lord (c. 1339-1369) and Margaret de VERE (bef1370-1398), was born circa 1360. He had the title '4th Lord'. He died on 9 September 1396. He married Catherine EVERINGHAM.


Catherine EVERINGHAM, daughter of Thomas de EVERINGHAM of Laxton ( - ), died in 1426. She and John BEAUMONT had the following children:



Thomas BEAUMONT (c. 1383- )

Second Generation

2. Thomas BEAUMONT, son of John BEAUMONT and Catherine EVERINGHAM, was born circa 1383. He had the title 'Lord of Basquerville'. He married Philippe MAUREWARD in 1458.


Philippe MAUREWARD was the daughter of Sir Thomas MAUREWARD of Cole Orton ( - ). She and Thomas BEAUMONT had the following children:



John BEAUMONT ( -1460)

Third Generation

3. John BEAUMONT of Overton, son of Thomas BEAUMONT and Philippe MAUREWARD, died on 10 July 1460 in Northampton. He married Joan DARCY.


Joan DARCY (also known as Jane DARCY) was the daughter of John DARCY ( - ). She and John BEAUMONT had the following children:



George BEAUMONT ( -c. 1531). George died circa 1531.