Ida SKATES ( - )

1. Ida Laurie Beatrice SKATES married Adolph James HECKRATH in 1905.


Adolph James HECKRATH, son of Edmund Walter HECKRATH (1848-1935) and Elizabeth KIFT ( - ), was born in 1876 in Kiberley, SA. He died in 1958. He and Ida Laurie Beatrice SKATES had the following children:



Pauline Anna HECKRATH (1918-2004)

Second Generation

2. Pauline Anna HECKRATH, daughter of Adolph James HECKRATH and Ida Laurie Beatrice SKATES, was born in 1918. She married James Eric DEIGHAN in 1945. She died in 2004.


James Eric DEIGHAN and Pauline Anna HECKRATH had the following children:



Greta Lois Pauline DEIGHAN (1946- )

Third Generation

3. Greta Lois Pauline DEIGHAN, daughter of James Eric DEIGHAN and Pauline Anna HECKRATH, was born in 1946. She married Harold Raymond NICHOLLS.