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Lady Margaretta DE JONGE ( -1762)

1. Lady Margaretta Maria DE JONGE, daughter of Cornelis DE JONGE VAN ELLEMEET ( - ), had the title 'Lady Elibank'. She married Patrick MURRAY in 1735. She died on 6 June 1762. She married William NORTH.


... of Dutch extraction. Her fortune "restored the almost extinct Elibank finances".


Lieutenant-General William NORTH was born in [Julian] 1678. He had the title '6th Baron North and 2nd Lord Grey'. He died in [Julian] 1734.


Sir Patrick MURRAY 5th Lord Elibank, son of Alexander MURRAY 4th Lord Elibank (1677-1735) and Elizabeth STIRLING (bef1683-1756), was born on 27 February 1703. He had the title '5th Lord Elibank, Earl of Westminster'. He died on 3 August 1778 in Ballencrieff Castle in Haddingtonshire near Edinburgh.. He and Margaretta Maria DE JONGE had the following children:



Maria Margaret MURRAY (1765?-1855)

Second Generation

2. Maria Margaret MURRAY, daughter of Sir Patrick MURRAY 5th Lord Elibank and Lady Margaretta Maria DE JONGE, was born in 1765 (calculated). She died on 15 January 1855 in Florence. She married George DON.


Sir George DON GCB GCH was a Governor of Gibraltar.