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Rex BADNALL (1898-1898)

1. Rex B BADNALL, son of Reginald Beaumont BADNALL (1864-1939) and Matilda BROWNING ( - ), was born in October 1898. He was a Solicitor, Notary and Sworn Appraiser. He died in October 1898.


Letter from Rex Badnall to his brother-in-law Maurice Fitzgerald Wilson, dated 24/11/1915:

My dear Maurice,

Thank you very much for your kind letter about Gilbert and which it was a great pleasure to recieve. I never doubted but that kindness would be shown to the boy by you all; but the extra warmth of that kindness has been, I confess, almost overwhelming. It has comforted us all immensely and helped to blunt our sense of loss and we of course realise we are only one of many thousands of families who are in the same position.

We have all along sympathised deeply with you and Florrie in your endless anxiety about your two boys - the nerve tension at times must be great.

Years roll by very quickly and it is hard to realise that those two little lads whom I last saw at Southampton in '93 should now be fighting the battles of their country.

May they both come back safe and sound is the best wish that I can offer to you and Florrie.

Yours affectly,
Rex Badnall.