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William BADNALL (c. 1766-1806)

1. William BADNALL, son of Joseph BADNALL (c. 1736-1803) and Martha PRATT (c. 1741-1775), was born circa 1766 in Leek, Staffs. He was baptised on 21 September 1766 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek, Staffs. He was a Silk Dyer. He died on 22 April 1806 in St.Edward's churchyard, Leek, Staffs.. The family grave is near the church door. He was buried in April 1806 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek. He married Mary SMITH.


William Badnall, a Leek silk dyer (d. 1806), left the interest on £1,000 to be distributed in blankets, quilts, clothing, and other necessities such as coal but not food or drink on 5 November to 20 poor widows aged 60 or over; half the widows were to be residents in Leek town and half in Lowe. Because an insufficient number from Lowe were eligible, the number of town widows who benefited in the earlier 1820s was 13.


Mary SMITH was born before 1770. She and William BADNALL had the following children:



Diana BADNALL (1783-1870)

Second Generation

2. Diana BADNALL, daughter of William BADNALL and Mary SMITH, was born in September 1783 in Leek, Staffordshire. She was baptised on 14 September 1783 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek, Staffs. She died in 1870 in Leek. She was buried in 1870 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek.