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Thomas MARTIN (c. 1859- )

1. Thomas Charles MARTIN, son of James MARTIN (c. 1807- ) and Maria UNK (c. 1816- ), was born circa 1859 in Marylebone, London. He was a Printer, Bookbinder, Stationer. He appeared in the census. He married Margaret FRENCH.


Thomas Charles was born about 27 years after his eldest sibling, and about 14 years after the next youngest: clearly a "mistake"??!!

In the 1861 census gives his age as 12. Most of his elder siblings were working for his father's printing business, with the exception of his (then) 18 year-old sister Caroline, who is listed as a teacher. It is presumably his father's business which he eventually takes over.

In the 1891 census Thomas C Martin was living with his wife and daughter Daisy at 21 Streatley (?) Road, Willesden, London. Under occupation he is listed as an employer, working as a printer, bookbinder and stationer. They lived with one servant. In the 1901 census they lived at the same address and all three of their children had been born.


Margaret FRENCH, daughter of The Venerable Robert James FRENCH (1836-1904) and Celesia DEANE (aft1836- ), was born from 1861 to 1862 in India. She was a Painter. She and Thomas Charles MARTIN had the following children:



Daisy MARTIN (c. 1888- )


Charlie James MARTIN (c. 1892- )


Violet Valentine MARTIN (1899-1985)

Second Generation

2. Daisy MARTIN, daughter of Thomas Charles MARTIN and Margaret FRENCH, was born circa 1888 in Marylebone, London. She was a Music Hall Artiste. She married Raymond METCALFE.


Raymond METCALFE was a Music Hall Artist.


3. Charlie James MARTIN, son of Thomas Charles MARTIN and Margaret FRENCH, was born circa 1892 in Brondesbury. He was a Civil Servant. He married Emily Mabel "Girlie" WALLER. He married Bessie WIRE.


Not much is known about the life and occupation of Charlie James Martin. His daughter Iris knew that he was a civil servant, working in London, but never knew the exact nature of his work. His first wife died young, and apparently he had some health problems later in his life (it is unsure whether they were mental or physical) and required the attention of a nurse. His second wife Bessie was apparently his nurse; Charlie's daughter Iris never accepted this marriage and hardly ever saw him in later life, after he had retired to St. Mawes, Falmouth, Cornwall.

According to his daughter Iris he was an extremely strict father who often made her lie for long periods on hard boards to straighten her back, for example. He was a religious man.


Emily Mabel "Girlie" WALLER, daughter of George Edward WALLER (1863-1955) and Emily Charlotte WILLIAMS (1863-1949), was born on 13 March 1888 in Camberwell. She died on 19 May 1941. She was buried in Golders Green Crematorium. She and Charlie James MARTIN had the following children:



Iris Margaret MARTIN (1920-2001)


4. Violet Valentine MARTIN, daughter of Thomas Charles MARTIN and Margaret FRENCH, was born on 14 February 1899 in Brondesbury (Birth registered in Hendon district). She was a Music Hall Artiste. She died in January 1985 in Hove, Sussex.

Third Generation

5. Iris Margaret MARTIN, daughter of Charlie James MARTIN and Emily Mabel "Girlie" WALLER, was born on 21 February 1920 in Finchley, London. She was a Housewife. She married Peter Fiennes WILSON on 21 May 1949 in Ilminster Church. She died in December 2001 in Crowborough, E.Sussex.


Iris was an exceptionally strong character, who had totally opposite sides to her character. Seemingly from her father she inherited an absolute belief in the superiority of the English Upper Class and the Conservative Party, and a total acceptance of all related beliefs. At the same time she had a wild and adventurous element in her character, which manifested itself in her love of international travel. When she inherited some money from her aunt late in life, she took the opportunity to travel to places as remote as Antarctica, Indonesia, Mauritius, the Galapagos, Alaska and New Zealand; early in her marriage (in the early 1950's) she and Peter had motored from Nigeria to South Africa - this in an age where there would have been no made-up roads and no communications infrastructure. They also drove from Britain to Iraq, where Peter was working, with their two extremely young children. Iris was also an enthusiastic music lover and spent many years developing her piano playing, after her two children had left home.

When Peter and Iris were divorced in the early 1970's, she never accepted the divorce, mainly because she strongly believed that by divorce she had lost status on the basis that a divorced woman would have a lower status than a married woman, and secondly that Peter, by her own view of life, had come from a "better" background than she, and through the divorce had lost her connection to this background.

When she was a young woman, Iris worked as a secretary in the Bank of England, but was mainly interested in going to concerts and the theatre: she was clearly drawn to people from "arty" backgrounds, but finally found her man sitting quietly by himself at the Hampstead Cricket Club; she noticed straight away how bad his teeth were, but obviously did not let this fact stand in her way!


Peter Fiennes WILSON, son of Captain Maurice Fiennes Fitzgerald WILSON DSO, RN (1886-1975) and Catherine Gladys MURRAY (1886-1958), was born on 21 December 1920 in 2 Dartmouth Place, Blackheath. He was born on 21 December 1920 in 2 Dartmouth Pl., Blackheath. He was a Consultant Civil Engineer. He died on 31 July 1995 in Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells. He died in 1996 in Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells. He and Iris Margaret MARTIN had the following children:



Michael Murray Fiennes WILSON (1953- ). Michael was born on 3 September 1953. He was a Catering and Facilities Manager.


Philip Antony Fiennes WILSON (1954- ). Philip was born on 15 December 1954 in Habbanijah, Iraq. He was a Musician/Teacher. He had 2 children. He had 2 spouses. He married Victoria Ruth Joyce LYNE in 1974. They were divorced in 1979. He married Siu Fung PEASGOOD on 31 May 1996 in Crowborough, E. Sussex, England.