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Stephen INGHAM (bef1670-aft1723)

1. Stephen INGHAM, son of John 2 INGHAM (c. 1590-aft1662) and Hannah DANDO (c. 1614-c. 1683), was born before 1670. He died after 1723. He married Rebecca UNKNOWN.


Rebecca UNKNOWN and Stephen INGHAM had the following children:


Hannah INGHAM (chr.1688). Hannah was christened on 11 November 1688 in Pembroke, Bermuda.

Susanna INGHAM (chr.1690). Susanna was christened on 4 September 1690 in Pembroke.

Second Generation

2. John 2 INGHAM, son of John 1 INGHAM and Sarah CHANDLER, was born circa 1590. He was christened on 21 April 1590 in Farnham, Essex, England. He married Hannah DANDO on 27 December 1632 in Southampton, Bermuda. He died after 1662 in Pembroke, Bermuda.


3. Hannah DANDO, daughter of Marmaduke 1 DANDO and Joan UNKNOWN, was born circa 1614 in Bermuda. She died circa [Julian] December 1683. She was buried on 3 January 1684 in Pembroke. She and John 2 INGHAM had the following children:


John 3 INGHAM (c. 1636- ). John was born circa [Julian] 1636. He was christened on 3 April 1636 in Southampton.

Nicholas INGHAM (c. 1638- ). Nicholas was born circa [Julian] 1638. He was christened on 16 September 1638 in Southampton.

Hannah INGHAM (c. 1641- ). Hannah was born circa [Julian] 1641. She was christened on 6 June 1641 in Southampton.

Marmaduke INGHAM (1643-bef1732). Marmaduke was born in 1643 in Pembroke. He died between 1708 and 1732.

Samuel 1 INGHAM (aft1645- ). Samuel was born between 1645 and 1650 in Pembroke. He married Mary FOORD on 25 February 1674 in Pembroke.

Alice INGHAM (chr.1658). Alice was christened on 9 December 1658 in Pembroke.


Stephen INGHAM (bef1670-aft1723)

Benjamin INGHAM (chr.1662). Benjamin was christened on 1 March 1662 in Pembroke.

Third Generation

4. John 1 INGHAM was born circa 1560. He married Sarah CHANDLER on 20 September 1580 in Bishops Stortford, Herts, England. He died in 1626. He was buried on 26 December 1626 in Farnham, Essex, England.


5. Sarah CHANDLER, daughter of Thomas CHANDLER and Joane UNKNOWN, was born circa 1562. She was christened on 5 July 1562 in Bishop Stortford, Herts, England. She was buried on 4 September 1638 in Farnham. She and John 1 INGHAM had the following children:


Nicholas INGHAM (c. 1584-c. 1655). Nicholas was born circa [Julian] 1584. He was christened on 12 April 1584 in Alfriths Church, Farnham, Essex, England. He married Frances UNKNOWN on 28 October 1606 in St Mary's ch., Farnham, England. He died circa 1655 in England.

Frances INGHAM (c. 1586- ). Frances was born circa [Julian] 1586. She was christened on 10 April 1586 in Farnham. She married Thomas PAKEMAN on 28 June 1613 in St Mary's ch..

John 2' INGHAM (1588-1589). John was born in [Julian] 1588. He was christened on 20 October 1588 in Farnham. He died in [Julian] 1589. He was buried on 26 May 1589 in Farnham.


John 2 INGHAM (c. 1590-aft1662)


6. Marmaduke 1 DANDO was born before 1595. He died on 29 October 1668 in Southampton, Bermuda. He was buried on 30 October 1668 in Southampton. He married Joan UNKNOWN.



Southampton church records of the Dando family over the years suggest something of the intimate relationships among Southampton's white families. All of the Dando daughters married young men who resided in Southampton Tribe: Hanna, the eldest daughter, married John Ingham in 1632. Six years later, in 1638, Sarah married Daniel Knowles, and in 1640 16-year-old Elizabeth married John Richardson, also of Southampton. A 1653 record shows that Anne Dando, who was most likely another daughter, married Henry Morgan of Southampton. Martha, the remaining daughter, died unmarried at age 32 in 1661.. Marmaduke Dando Jr., the only son, married in 1655 and had three children—Elizabeth, Frances, and Marmadukc, born between 1656 and 1661. Since Dando Jr. is not listed separately in the survey of 1663, it is likely that he and his family were living on the same land as his father. Land was scarce in Bermuda, and unless he wished to leave the islands, there was no place for him to go. The shortage of land is probably the reason that Thom. Wells's adult son, John, lived on the church property next to his father's residence. The nand., the Wellses, and the Knowleses were a close-knit group, but they were not unusual in their intermarriages. The surviving records indicate that not only the residents of Southampton, but those of other vibes as well, tended to intermarry, and that sons-in-law and daughters-in-law as well . sons and daughters were often provided for in wills. Wills in Southampton, as in other tribes, testify to the close relationships between slaveholding families and their slaves. Slaves were usually bequeathed by name to specific family members. While bequeathing a slave to a specific family member was not unusual—slavehdders in Virginia and other colonies on the mainland often followed the same practice'•—Bermuda slavery was unique in the naming of slaves. Scholars wrestle with the origins (African or other) of slave names and with deciding who (the slaveholder or the slave parent) usually chose a slave child's name. No matter who made the choice, slayes in other slave societies almost never bore the same given names as members of their masters' families. In South Carolina, for example, female slayes infrequently shared the given names of their female mistress., but male slayes and the males in the master's family did not.".


7. Joan UNKNOWN was born before 1600. She died in Bermuda. She and Marmaduke 1 DANDO had the following children:



Hannah DANDO (c. 1614-c. 1683)

Sarah DANDO (1621- ). Sarah was born in 1621 in Southampton. She was christened in 1621 in Southampton. She married Daniel 1 KNOWLES on 4 October 1638 in Southampton.

Elizabeth DANDO (chr.1624). Elizabeth was christened in 1624 in Southampton. She married John 1 RICHARDSON on 10 September 1640 in Southampton.

Marmaduke 2 DANDO (chr.1626). Marmaduke was christened on 13 June 1626 in Southampton. He married Martha GUY on 24 October 1655 in Southampton.

Martha DANDO (chr.1629, bur.1661). Martha was christened in July 1629 in Southampton. She was buried on 9 March 1661 in Southampton.

William DANDO (chr.1632). William was christened on 14 August 1632 in Southampton.

Anne DANDO (c. 1636- ). Anne was born circa 1636. She married Henry 1 MORGAN "1 MAR 1652/1653" in Southampton.