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Pierce BAUGH (1931- )

1. Pierce Arthur Ross BAUGH, son of Pierce Archer BAUGH ( - ) and Phyllis Suzanne WINTER (1909-1943), was born on 14 December 1931. He married Margaret Ann CAVANAUGH.


Margaret Ann CAVANAUGH and Pierce Arthur Ross BAUGH had the following children:


Alexander Ross BAUGH (1961- ). Alexander was born on 3 April 1961.

Pierce Andrew BAUGH (1963- ). Pierce was born on 21 May 1963.

Kathryn Archer BAUGH (1964- ). Kathryn was born on 17 November 1964.

Second Generation

2. Pierce Archer BAUGH married Phyllis Suzanne WINTER.


3. Phyllis Suzanne WINTER, daughter of William R. WINTER and Helena Alice ROSS, was born on 12 October 1909. She died in 1943. She and Pierce Archer BAUGH had the following children:



Pierce Arthur Ross BAUGH (1931- )

Third Generation

4. William R. WINTER was born in 1847 in Somerset, England. He died in 1925 in Bermuda. He married Helena Alice ROSS.


5. Helena Alice ROSS, daughter of Captain George Clarkson ROSS and Susan Conyers INGHAM, was born before 1878 in Agra, India. She died on 9 January 1962. She and William R. WINTER had the following children:


William Ross WINTER (1895- ). William was born in October 1895 in Bermuda.


Phyllis Suzanne WINTER (1909-1943)