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Susanna SMITH ( - )

1. Susanna SMITH was the daughter of Daniel SMITH (1720-1797) and Susanna INGHAM (c. 1752-aft1770).

Second Generation

2. Daniel SMITH (also known as Daniel Lea SMITH), son of Daniel SMITH and Mary WENTWORTH, was born in [Julian] 1720. He married Susanna INGHAM in 1769. He died on [Julian] 25 April 1797.


3. Susanna INGHAM, daughter of John "Carpenter" INGHAM and Mary UNKNOWN, was born circa 1752 in Bermuda. She died after 1770. She and Daniel SMITH had the following children:



Susanna SMITH ( - )

Third Generation

4. Daniel SMITH, son of Christopher SMITH and Elizabeth SAYLE, was born in 1676 in Paget, Bermuda. He married Mary WENTWORTH before 1716. He died in 1758 in Bermuda.


5. Mary WENTWORTH, daughter of John WENTWORTH and Susannah LEA, was born circa 1690 in Bermuda. She died in [Julian] January 1761 in Bermuda. She and Daniel SMITH had the following children:


Christopher SMITH (c. 1714-c. 1760). Christopher was born circa [Julian] 1714 in Bermuda. He was lost at sea, en route to Bermuda or Turks Islands.

John SMITH (1716-aft1716). John was born in [Julian] 1716. He died after [Julian] 1716.

William John SMITH (c. 1718- ). William was born circa [Julian] 1718.


Daniel SMITH (1720-1797)


6. John "Carpenter" INGHAM, son of Marmaduke INGHAM and Hanna HUTCHINGS, was born in November 1680. He was christened on 7 November 1680 in Pembroke, Bermuda. He was a Cabinet Maker. He died in December 1769. He was buried on 26 December 1769 in Bermuda. He married Mary UNKNOWN.


7. Mary UNKNOWN has few details recorded about her. She and John "Carpenter" INGHAM had the following children:


Mary INGHAM (c. 1722-1814). Mary was born circa 1722. She married Benjamin BUTTERFIELD on 7 October 1749. She died in [Julian] 1814. She was buried on 16 June 1814 in Warwick, Bermuda.

John 5 INGHAM (c. 1740-aft1770). John was born circa 1740. He married Frances SALTUS in 1767. He died after 1770.

Joseph INGHAM ( -1799). Joseph married Mary LEA on 18 April 1745. He died in [Julian] 1799. He was buried on 15 September 1799.

Benjamin INGHAM (c. 1740-aft1814). Benjamin was born circa 1740. He died after 1814.

Stephen INGHAM (c. 1740-aft1770). Stephen was born circa 1740. He died after 1770.

Catherine INGHAM ( -bef1770). Catherine married Joseph 2 CHAPLIN before 1767. She died before 1770.

Edward INGHAM (c. 1740-1823). Edward was born circa 1740. He married Mary DURHAM on 7 January 1798 in Southampton, Bermuda. He died in 1823 in Bermuda.


Susanna INGHAM (c. 1752-aft1770)

Rebecca INGHAM (bef1755-aft1770). Rebecca was born before 1755. She died after 1770.

Elizabeth INGHAM (bef1755-aft1770). Elizabeth was born before 1755. She died after 1770.