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Henry NORWOOD ( - )

1. Henry NORWOOD was the son of Andrew NORWOOD (c. 1623-aft1689) and Meliora UNKNOWN ( - ).

Second Generation

2. Andrew NORWOOD, son of Richard NORWOOD and Rachel BOUGHTON, was born circa 1623 in England. He died after 1689. He married Meliora UNKNOWN.


3. Meliora UNKNOWN has few details recorded about her. She and Andrew NORWOOD had the following children:


Richard NORWOOD ( - )

Benjamin NORWOOD ( - )


Henry NORWOOD ( - )

Elizabeth NORWOOD ( - )

Third Generation

4. Richard NORWOOD, son of Edward NORWOOD and Sibil MATHEW, was born on 2 November 1590 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. He married Rachel BOUGHTON in 1622 in Sandwich, Kent, England. He died in 1675 in Bermuda.


5. Rachel BOUGHTON, daughter of Francis BOUGHTON, was born before 1605 in Sandwich. She died between 1658 and 1674 in Bermuda. She and Richard NORWOOD had the following children:



Andrew NORWOOD (c. 1623-aft1689)

Mathew NORWOOD (c. 1625-1680). Mathew was born circa 1625 in England. He died in 1680.

Elizabeth NORWOOD (c. 1627-1691). Elizabeth was born circa 1627 in England. She married James WITTER circa July 1644 in Bermuda. She died in April 1691 in Pembroke, Bermuda.

Ann NORWOOD (c. 1628-aft1675). Ann was born circa 1628 in England. She married Richard BOWEN before 1674. She died after 1675.