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John NORWOOD (1555- )

1. John NORWOOD, son of Roger NORWOOD (c. 1530-1593) and Elizabeth MONOX ( -bef1693), was born in April 1555 in Berkhamsted, Herts., England.

Second Generation

2. Roger NORWOOD was born circa 1530 in England. He married Elizabeth MONOX on 15 July 1554 in St Peter's, Berkhamsted, Herts., England. He died in 1593 in Ashwood, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Dorothy WHETHIDE.


3. Elizabeth MONOX, daughter of Richard MONOX and Sicely UNKNOWN, died before 1693 in Ashwood. She and Roger NORWOOD had the following children:



John NORWOOD (1555- )

Edward NORWOOD ( -1557). Edward was born "FEB 1556/1557" in Berkhamsted, Herts., England. He died in April 1557 in Berkhamsted.

Edward NORWOOD (1561-1635). Edward was born in February 1561 in Astwood, Buckinghamshire, England. He died in 1635 in Charterhouse hsp, London, England.

Third Generation

4. Richard MONOX married Sicely UNKNOWN.


5. Sicely UNKNOWN has few details recorded about her. She and Richard MONOX had the following children:



Elizabeth MONOX ( -bef1693)