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Carrie INNES (bef1897-aft1897)

1. Carrie INNES, daughter of Ashley Norton INNES (c. 1845- ) and Florence Caroline Margaret MARTIN (c. 1869- ), was born before 1897. She died after 1897.

Second Generation

2. Ashley Norton INNES was born circa 1845. He was a 1892, Staff Paymaster, Royal Navy. He married Florence Caroline Margaret MARTIN on 7 June 1892 in Paget Bermuda. He married her on 7 June 1892 in Paget, Bermuda.


3. Florence Caroline Margaret MARTIN, daughter of William Henry MARTIN and Florence Eugenia INGHAM, was born circa 1869. She and Ashley Norton INNES had the following children:



Carrie INNES (bef1897-aft1897)

Third Generation

4. William Henry MARTIN was an Occupation 1: 1866, Assistant Paymaster, Royal Navy. He married Florence Eugenia INGHAM on 4 June 1866 in Queenstown, Ireland.


5. Florence Eugenia INGHAM, daughter of Hon. Samuel Saltus INGHAM and Margaret Richardson LEAYCRAFT, was born on 1 February 1843 in Paget, Bermuda. She was baptised on 9 April 1843 in Paget Bermuda. She died on 23 April 1877 in Home Park Terrace, Saltash, Cornwall aged 34. She and William Henry MARTIN had the following children:



Florence Caroline Margaret MARTIN (c. 1869- )

Ernest MARTIN ( - )

Lucy Russell MARTIN (1876- ). Lucy was born in 1876. She married Reginald TRIMINGHAM in 1901.