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Keith MARR (c. 1930-aft1999)

1. John Keith Wickham MARR (known as 'Keith', and also as [unnamed person]), son of George David MARR ( - ) and Irene Beaumont BADNALL (1899-c. 1984), was born circa 1930. He died after 1999. He married Patricia UNK.


... of Goring on Thames, Oxon.

Second Generation

2. George David MARR married Irene Beaumont BADNALL.


3. Irene Beaumont BADNALL, daughter of Lancelot Wykeham BADNALL and Constance Lilian ADDINGTON, was born on 29 August 1899 in Port Elizabeth, Cape of Good Hope. She was born circa 1899. She was christened circa 1899. She was baptised circa 1899. She died circa 1984. She was buried circa 1984. She and George David MARR had the following children:



John Keith Wickham MARR (c. 1930-aft1999)

Jean Wykeham MARR ( - )

Third Generation

4. Lancelot Wykeham BADNALL, son of The Venerable Hopkins BADNALL and Sarah Elizabeth OWEN-SMITH, was born on 4 November 1871. He was educated at The Diocesan College. He married Constance Lilian ADDINGTON on 5 November 1898. He died on 24 March 1953 in 89 Camden Hill Court, Camden Hill, London W8.


5. Constance Lilian ADDINGTON, daughter of David ADDINGTON, died in 1963 in 7 Knaresboro' Place, Kensington, London. She and Lancelot Wykeham BADNALL had the following children:



Irene Beaumont BADNALL (1899-c. 1984)

Kathleen BADNALL (1903- ). Kathleen was born in June 1903 in 49 Dryburgh Road, Putney, London.

Naomi Helen Constance BADNALL ( -c. 1996). Naomi died circa 1996. She was buried circa 1996.