Mary UNK (c. 1801- )

1. Mary UNK was born circa 1801 in Christchurch, Hants. She was a Laundress. She married unk GRANT.


In the 1861 census a Mary Jones (seaman's wife ) is also listed at the address of the family. "Daughter" is crossed out and "visitor" written in its place. She was presumably the eldest daughter, but only there as a "visitor" because she was married and living somewhere else with her husband: in the 1851 census a daughter by the name of Mary is listed in the household.


unk GRANT and Mary UNK had the following children:


Mary GRANT (c. 1837- ). Mary was born circa 1837.

Elizabeth GRANT (c. 1839- ). Elizabeth was born circa 1839 in Nursling, Hampshire. She was a Laundress. She appeared in the census.

Eliza GRANT (c. 1843- ). Eliza was born circa 1843 in Nursling. She was a Laundress.