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Myrta PARNELL ( - )

1. Myrta PARNELL was the daughter of Charles Edgar PARNELL ( - ) and Katherine Charlotte WHITE (1874- ).

Second Generation

2. Charles Edgar PARNELL married Katherine Charlotte WHITE on 19 June 1901 in New Park Road Baptist Church, Brixton Hill.


Commercial Traveller.


3. Katherine Charlotte WHITE, daughter of Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE and Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK, was born in 1874. She and Charles Edgar PARNELL had the following children:


Dorothy PARNELL ( - )

Enid PARNELL ( - )


Myrta PARNELL ( - )

Third Generation

4. Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE was born on 3 September 1850. He married Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK between 1871 and 1877. He died on 29 January 1937.


5. Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK, daughter of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born on 23 January 1845 in Greater London, Kent. She died on 4 December 1936 in Worthing, Sussex.


Charlotte was allegedly scrupulously observant of the Sabbath - to the extent of refusing to read newpapers on a Monday because they had been printed on a Sunday. Her widowed father George was living with Charlotte and her husband just before the former's death in 1886.


Thomas Henry Philpot WHITE and Charlotte Catherine HURLOCK had the following children:


Ernest WHITE ( - )


Katherine Charlotte WHITE (1874- )

Edgar William Hurlock WHITE (1879-1972). Edgar was born in 1879. He died in 1972.