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unk BADDENALE (c. 1340- )

1. unk BADDENALE, son of John BADENHALL (c. 1300-aft1348), was born circa 1340 in Badenhall, Staffs?


unk BADDENALE had the following children:


John BADDENALE (c. 1370-c. 1423). John was born circa 1370. He was a Husbandman. He died circa 1423 in Coldmeese, Staffs.. He was buried circa 1423.

Second Generation

2. John BADENHALL, son of William BADENHALL, was born circa 1300 in Badenhall, Eccleshall, Staffs. He was a Farmer and tenant of Baden Hall under Robert de Hastang, He died after 1348.


John BADENHALL had the following children:



unk BADDENALE (c. 1340- )

Third Generation

3. William BADENHALL, son of Robert BADENHALL, was born in Badenhall, Staffs? He was a Lord of Badenhall. He died circa 1306.


William BADENHALL had the following children:



John BADENHALL (c. 1300-aft1348)