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Victor BADNALL (c. 1880-1918)

1. Victor Julian Hayes BADNALL, son of William Wykeham BADNALL (c. 1836-1911) and Mary Anna HAYES (c. 1841-c. 1930), was born circa 1880 in Liverpool. He died on 1 December 1918 in 20 Whalley Grove, Whalley Range, Manchester. He was buried in 1918. He married Georgina Francis BEATRICE.


Georgina Francis BEATRICE and Victor Julian Hayes BADNALL had the following children:


Victor Louis Hayes BADNALL ( -aft1951). Victor was an Insurance Officer 1951. He died after 1951. He was buried after 1951.

William Wykeham Edward BADNALL ( -1979). William died on 10 February 1979 in 10 Barnsdale Road, Reading, Berks.. He was buried in 1979.

Second Generation

2. William Wykeham BADNALL, son of Rev'd William BADNALL MA and Elizabeth Rose PARR, was christened circa 1835 in Wavertree, Lancashire. He was baptised circa 1835 in Wavertree. He was born circa 1836 in Wavertree. He died on 24 August 1911 in 1 Olive Vale, Wavertree, Lancashire. He was buried in 1911. He married Mary Anna HAYES.


The 1851 census gives William's name as William Digkenham?! Was he adopted?


3. Mary Anna HAYES, daughter of Catherine FENTON, was born circa 1841 in Liverpool? She died circa 1930 in Liverpool. She was buried circa 1930 in Liverpool ?. She and William Wykeham BADNALL had the following children:


William Wykeham BADNALL (c. 1863-1893). William was born circa 1863. He was christened circa 1863. He was baptised circa 1863. He was a Bankers Clerk. He died on 13 January 1893 in West Derby, Liverpool. He was buried in 1893.

Rose Stephanie BADNALL (c. 1869-1951). Rose was born circa 1869. She was educated at 1881 Taught at home. She died on 5 September 1951 in Etchingham, Sussex. She was buried in September 1951.


Victor Julian Hayes BADNALL (c. 1880-1918)

Cecil Beaumont BADNALL ( -1917). Cecil was a Private in 48Btn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. He died on 2 June 1917 in Belgium. He was buried in 1917 in La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, Hainaut, Belgium.

Edward Arthur BADNALL ( -aft1941). Edward died after July 1941. He was buried after July 1941.

Charles Herbert BADNALL ( -1945). Charles died on 9 January 1945 in School House, Sedlescombe, Battle, Sussex. He was buried in January 1945.

Kenneth Challinor BADNALL ( -1960). Kenneth was a Cotton salesman. He died on 30 May 1960 in Laurel Cottage, Cade Street, Old Heathfield, Sussex. He was buried in 1960.

Blanche Gladys BADNALL (1886-1977). Blanche was born in 1886 in Liverpool. She died on 28 November 1977 in Laurel Cottage, Cade Street, Heathfield, Sussex. She was buried in November 1977.

Third Generation

4. Rev'd William BADNALL MA (also known as William BADNALL the Rev.), son of Richard Snr BADNALL and Harriet HOPKINS, was born on 13 October 1803 in Leek, Staffs. He was baptised on 27 April 1804. He was Vicar of Wavertree and Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge, Queen's. He was educated at Kings School, Macclesfield and Brasenose College, Oxford. He married Elizabeth Rose PARR on 16 July 1833 in Childwall, Lancashire. He died on 28 July 1859 in Wavertree, near Liverpool. He was buried in July 1859 in Wavertree nr. Liverpool.


A note on the fly-leaf of a family bible, later owned by the Osbornes (descendents of Hopkins B) describes William as "Little Heathen" [!]. However (!) he became the Revd. William Badnall M.A, Queen Victoria's preacher for Lancashire, Chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge
and 1st Vicar of Wavertree, Lancashire.


5. Elizabeth Rose PARR was born circa 1808 in Liverpool, Lancashire. She died circa 1883 in Leek.



This is the last Will of me Elizabeth Rose Badnall of Endon in the county of Stafford Widow made in exercise of every power and also independently of any power I appoint devise and bequeath al the real and personal estate over which I have any power of disposition unto my nephew William Beaumont Badnall Esquire and Mr William Saddington Watson of Leek Silk Manufacturer absolutely and in fee (whom I appoint to be my Executors) with power to sell or convert any real estate Upon trust as to all my estate for my three surviving children namely William Wykeham Badnall, James Badnall and Arthur Robert Badnall equally.. And I direct so far as I legally can or may that the share off each of my said three children shall belong to him for life or until by any act of his or by operation of law all or any of the income of such share or any part thereof as would but for this clause become vested in any other person or persons after his death or the sooner determination of his estate Upon trust for such of his children as shall be born in my lifetime and attain twenty one years of age or sooner marry And I direct further not withstanding the foregoing that as regards the share of my son James Badnall the whole of my Estate over which I have power of absolute disposition shall so far as it will extend or be necessary be appropriated and applied towards such share and that the income of such estate so appropriated shall be paid to his wife Ellen for life for her separate use and without power of anticipation and not withstanding that my son James may be living And I expressly direct that As regards the original one third share so given as hereinbefore mentioned to my son William Wykeham Badnall he or his children or child shall not be entitled to all or any part thereof until the sum of seven hundred pounds which was sometime since advanced by me to him shall be brought into hotchpot by him or his children or child and accounted for And further I declare so far as I can or lawfully may, that as regards the original one third share so given as hereinbefore mentioned to my son James Badnall or so much thereof as I can make subject to this stipulation he or his wife or children or child or other the person or persons who would take shall not be entitled to all or any part thereof until the moneys which my Estate may be liable to pay be reason of my several undertakings of this date to Mr Robert Cleminson and the executors of my late daughter Mary Elizabeth shall be brought into hotchpot by him my said son James Badnall or his wife or children or child or other person or persons who would take and accounted for I empower my Trustees or Trustee for the time being to advance to or for the benefit of any grandchild of mine not withstanding that his or her father may be alive but with the consent in writing of such father if living all or any part of such child's reversionary or contingent or expectant share And to advance to any of my sons not exceeding altogether one third of the principal share to which such child may be entitled for life in possession but it is my particular wish that no such advance to a son shall be made unless my trustees or trustee shall be of opinion that it is likely to be of permanent advantage to such son.

Dated 25th May 1882
Elizabeth Rose [her mark] Badnall - Signed by the testatrix Elizabeth Rose Badnall and declared by her to be her Will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who thereupon in her and each others presence hereto subscribe our names as witnesses the interlineations between the 16th and 17th and the 26th and 27th lines of the first page having been first made and she the testatrix having declared that she had read over and perfectly understood this will in our presence Margaret Elizabeth Watson, St. Edward Street, Leek, J Challinor, solicitor, Leek.
On the 10th day of January 1884 Probate of this Will was granted to William Beaumont Badnall Esquire and William Saddington Watson the Executors.
General Probate Registry : Office Copy of the Will of Elizabeth Rose Badnall of Endon 1884.


William BADNALL and Elizabeth Rose PARR had the following children:


Mary Elizabeth BADNALL (1834-1880). Mary was born on 12 August 1834. She married Edward CHALLINOR on 8 June 1854. She died in November 1880 in Fenton Lodge, Stoke on Trent. She was buried on 9 November 1880 in St. Peter ad Vincula, Stoke on Trent..


William Wykeham BADNALL (c. 1836-1911)

Arthur Robert BADNALL ( - )

James BADNALL (1839-1897). James was born in 1839 in Wavertree, Lancashire. He was christened on 24 September 1839 in Wavertree. He was baptised on 24 September 1839 in Wavertree. He was a Vicar of Endon, Staffs. He was educated at Royal Institute School, Liverpool, University of Durham. He was Church of England. He died on 19 October 1897 in Endon, Leek, Staffs.. He was buried in 1897 in Endon.

Harriett Martha BADNALL (c. 1840-1881). Harriett was born circa 1840. She married Thomas HORNBY in 1875. She died on 27 December 1881. She was buried in December 1881.


6. Catherine FENTON was born circa 1812 in Liverpool. She was christened circa 1812 in Liverpool. She was baptised circa 1812 in Liverpool. She was an Income from Land 1881. She died after 1881 in Chester Street, Oswestry?. She was buried after 1881.


Catherine FENTON had the following children:



Mary Anna HAYES (c. 1841-c. 1930)