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Edward ADAMS (1874- )

1. Edward Richard ADAMS, son of Edward Richard ADAMS (1835-1895) and Grace MAY ( -1912), was born on 31 July 1874. He was a Mechanical Engineer South African Railways. He was educated at Radley.

Second Generation

2. Edward Richard ADAMS was born on 16 July 1835. He was a Captain King's Own Staffs. Militia. He married Grace MAY on 19 June 1873. He died in 1895. He was buried in 1895 in Parkville Cemetary, Melbourne, Australia.


3. Grace MAY, daughter of Charles Bower MAY and Harriet Hopkins BADNALL, died in July 1912 in Durban, Natal, South Africa. She was buried in July 1912. She and Edward Richard ADAMS had the following children:



Edward Richard ADAMS (1874- )

Third Generation

4. Charles Bower MAY, son of Charles Hughes MAY, was born circa 1821 in Sneyd House, Burslem, Staffs. He was a Stone Dealer's Agent 1881. He died after 1881. He was buried after 1881. He married Harriet Hopkins BADNALL.


5. Harriet Hopkins BADNALL, daughter of Richard Jnr. BADNALL and Sarah HAND, was born on 20 October 1825 in Ashenhurst Hall, Leek (11.57pm). She died after 1881.


Sponsors: Revd. John Hand (uncle); Miss Marianne Broughton; AUnt Marianne Hand.


Charles Bower MAY and Harriet Hopkins BADNALL had the following children:


Walter Edward MAY ( - )


Grace MAY ( -1912)

Ada Harriet MAY ( - ). Ada married Hugh Ford SEARIGHT in 1874.

Constance MAY ( - )

Edith MAY ( - )

Maud Elizabeth MAY ( - )