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?? RITCHIE ( - )

1. ?? RITCHIE was the son of William B.A. RITCHIE ( - ) and Blanche Fiennes BADNALL (1889- ).

Second Generation

2. William B.A. RITCHIE married Blanche Fiennes BADNALL.


3. Blanche Fiennes BADNALL, daughter of Herbert Owen BADNALL and Lydia CAWOOD, was born in February 1889 in Beaconsfield, Cape of Good Hope. She and William B.A. RITCHIE had the following children:


Helen RITCHIE ( - )


?? RITCHIE ( - )

Third Generation

4. Herbert Owen BADNALL, son of The Venerable Hopkins BADNALL and Sarah Elizabeth OWEN-SMITH, was born on 20 November 1854. He was a Magistrate of George. He was educated at The Diocesan College, CapeTown. He married Lydia CAWOOD in February 1888 in Kimberley, Cape of Good Hope. He died on 5 November 1938 in Rondebosch, Cape Province. He was buried in November 1938.


5. Lydia CAWOOD has few details recorded about her. She and Herbert Owen BADNALL had the following children:



Blanche Fiennes BADNALL (1889- )