Matilda BROWNING ( - )

1. Matilda BROWNING (also known as Ida Louise BROWNING) married Reginald Beaumont BADNALL on 15 June 1892 in East London, Cape of Good Hope.


Reginald Beaumont BADNALL and Matilda BROWNING had the following children:


Ethel Beaumont BADNALL (1893- ). Ethel was born in March 1893 in Richmond, Cape Colony.

Gilbert Fiennes BADNALL (1895- ). Gilbert was born in March 1895. He was a Manufacturer's representative and exporter in 1952.

Rex B BADNALL (1898-1898). Rex was born in October 1898. He was a Solicitor, Notary and Sworn Appraiser. He died in October 1898.

Lancelot Ralph BADNALL (1902- ). Lancelot was born in January 1902.