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Anne WOLRICH (1713-1774)

1. Anne WOLRICH, daughter of Thomas WOLRICH ( - ) and Anne SMITH ( - ), was born in 1713. She died on 6 January 1774. She was buried in January 1774 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek, Staffs..


... of High Carr.

Second Generation

2. Thomas WOLRICH was a Mayor of Congleton. He married Anne SMITH. He married Joyce ENDON.


3. Anne SMITH was the daughter of Roger SMITH of High Carr and Dorothy MACHIN. She and Thomas WOLRICH had the following children:


Sarah WOLRICH (c. 1705-1731). Sarah was born circa 1705. She was born circa 1705. She married William BADNALL on 25 November 1723 in Madeley, Staffordshire. She died in 1731 in Leek. She died in 1731 in Leek, Staffordshire. She was buried on [Julian] 20 March 1731 in St. Edwards, Leek, Staffs.

Mary WOLRICH (c. 1707-aft1734). Mary was born circa 1707. She died after 1734. She was buried after 1734.


Anne WOLRICH (1713-1774)

Third Generation

4. Roger SMITH of High Carr, son of Alice UNK, married Dorothy MACHIN.


5. Dorothy MACHIN, daughter of Robert MACHIN, was born circa 1672. She and Roger SMITH had the following children:



Anne SMITH ( - )