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Sarah NEEDHAM (1753-1799)

1. Sarah NEEDHAM, daughter of Thomas NEEDHAM ( - ), was born in 1753. She died in 1799 in Leek, Staffs.. She was buried in 1799. She married Thomas PHILLIPS.


Thomas PHILLIPS and Sarah NEEDHAM had the following children:


Thomas PHILLIPS ( - ). Thomas died in Leek.

Samuel PHILLIPS (1779-1851). Samuel was born in 1779. He was a Silk merchant. He died in 1851 in Ashenhurst, Leek, Staffs.. He was buried in 1851.

William PHILLIPS (1786-1871). William was born in 1786. He was a Silk merchant, Captain of Pikemen. He was buried on 10 January 1870 in Family vault, St. Edwards Church, Leek, Staffordshire. He died in January 1871 in The Field, Leek, Staffs..

Charles PHILLIPS (1797-1837). Charles was born in 1797. He was a Doctor. He died in 1837 in Manchester. He was buried in 1837.

Mary PHILLIPS (chr.1777, d.1835). Mary was christened on 31 January 1777. She died in 1835. She was buried in 1835.

Anne PHILLIPS ( -1865). Anne died in 1865 in London?. She was buried in 1865.

Second Generation

2. Thomas NEEDHAM, son of Thomas NEEDHAM ,gent., died in Spout Hall, Spout Street, Leek, Staffs?.


Thomas NEEDHAM had the following children:



Sarah NEEDHAM (1753-1799)

Third Generation

3. Thomas NEEDHAM ,gent., son of John NEDHAM and Joane COOKE, was born in 1674. He died in 1702 in Leek, Staffs.. He was buried in 1702.


Thomas NEEDHAM ,gent. had the following children:



Thomas NEEDHAM ( - )