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Mary DAINTRY (1730- )

1. Mary DAINTRY, daughter of John DAINTRY M.A. (c. 1700-1758) and Mary DALE (c. 1704-1745), was born in 1730 in Leek, Staffordshire. She was christened on 12 June 1730 in Leek. She was baptised on 12 June 1730 in Leek.

Second Generation

2. John DAINTRY M.A. was born circa 1700. He was a Vicar of Leek. He died on 23 August 1758 in Leek, Staffs. He was buried in August 1858 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek, Staffs. He married Mary DALE.


3. Mary DALE, daughter of Jonathan DALE and Elizabeth BROOKS, was born circa 1704. She was baptised circa 1704. She was christened on 9 March 1704 in Leek. She died on 15 December 1745. She was buried in December 1745. She and John DAINTRY M.A. had the following children:



Mary DAINTRY (1730- )

Michael DAINTRY (c. 1733-1811). Michael was born circa 1733. He was a Silk Merchant, JP. He married Anne SMITH on 20 October 1755 in Over Peover, Cheshire. He died on 5 April 1811 in Byrons, Macclesfield. He was buried in April 1811 in Leek, Staffs..

Samuel DAINTRY (1735- ). Samuel was born in 1735 in Leek, Staffordshire. He was christened on 19 September 1735 in Leek. He was baptised on 19 September 1735 in Leek.

Catherine DAINTRY (c. 1744-1816). Catherine was born circa 1744. She died in 1816. She was buried in 1816.

John DAINTRY ( -1785). John died on 22 August 1785. He was buried in August 1785 in Leek.

Third Generation

4. Jonathan DALE married Elizabeth BROOKS.


5. Elizabeth BROOKS has few details recorded about her. She and Jonathan DALE had the following children:



Mary DALE (c. 1704-1745)