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Ella CRUSO ( - )

1. Ella CRUSO, daughter of Michael Daintry CRUSO (1801-1889) and Mary Elizabeth ROE ( - ), married Arthur BOSWELL.

Second Generation

2. Michael Daintry CRUSO, son of John CRUSO Snr. and Catherine DAINTRY, was born on 23 October 1801 in Leek. He died on 9 January 1889 in Coburg, Canada. He was buried in January 1889. He married Mary Elizabeth ROE.


3. Mary Elizabeth ROE (also known as [unnamed person]) was the daughter of Joseph ROE and Margaret HOPKINS. She and Michael Daintry CRUSO had the following children:


Mary Elizabeth CRUSO ( - )


Ella CRUSO ( - )

Henry Beaumont CRUSO ( - )

Selina CRUSO ( - )

Catherine CRUSO ( - )

Third Generation

4. John CRUSO Snr., son of unk CRUSO and Elizabeth STONES, was born on 29 November 1751 in Leek. He married Catherine DAINTRY circa 1786. He died on 29 August 1841 in Leek, Staffs. He was buried in September 1841 in Leek.


... of Foxlowe.


5. Catherine DAINTRY, daughter of Michael DAINTRY of Byrons and Anne SMITH of Waterhouses, was born in 1766 in Leek, Staffordshire. She was christened on 24 January 1766 in Leek. She was baptised on 24 January 1766 in Leek. She died in 1831. She and John CRUSO had the following children:


Catherine CRUSO (1788-1870). Catherine was born on 25 March 1788. She died on 29 September 1870. She was buried in October 1870.

John CRUSO (1789-1867). John was born on 1 December 1789. He was a Solicitor and Land Agent, He married Mary Elizabeth BADNALL on 23 May 1816 in St. Edwards Church, Leek, Staffs.. He died on 20 October 1867 in Leek, Staffs.. He was buried on 24 October 1867 in Family Vault, Leek, Staffs..

Mary Anne CRUSO (1791-1875). Mary was born on 4 August 1791 in Leek, Staffs. ? She died on 1 August 1875. She was buried in August 1875.

Francis CRUSO (c. 1795-1854). Francis was born circa 1795. He was a Solicitor and Land Agent. He married Jane Milne SMITH circa February 1833. He died on 24 September 1854. He was buried in September 1854 in Leek.

Henry CRUSO (c. 1796-1820). Henry was born circa 1796 in Leek, Staffs? He was a Silk Merchant. He died on 25 January 1820. He died on 25 January 1829. He was buried in January 1829 in St. Edward's P.C. Leek, Staffs.

Thomas CRUSO (1798-1811). Thomas was born in 1798 in Leek, Staffs.? He died on 17 December 1811 in Leek. He was buried in December 1811.

Sarah CRUSO (1799- ). Sarah was born in 1799 in Leek.

Selina CRUSO (1799- ). Selina was born in 1799 in Leek.

Margaret CRUSO (1800- ). Margaret was born in 1800 in Leek. She married R HAYNES on 2 May 1837 in Leek.


Michael Daintry CRUSO (1801-1889)

Harriet CRUSO ( - )

Ella CRUSO (1805- ). Ella was born in 1805 in Leek.

Frances Hester CRUSO (1807- ). Frances was born in May 1807 in Leek.


6. Joseph ROE, son of Charles ROE, died circa 1820. He married Margaret HOPKINS.


Joseph Roe of Macclesfield was one of the sons of Macclesfield's great entrepreneur, Charles Roe, a silk manufacturer who expanded into copper mining and smelting on a large scale owning mines on Anglesey, in Cumbria, Cheshire and elsewhere. Joseph and Margaret Roe lived Macclesfield for a while before moving to Congleton, Cheshire. They lived in Moody Hall, WestStreet, Congleton and the house can still be seen today. Joseph was recorder of Macclesfield at one time but he also owned the Dane Mill silk mill and other property in Congleton. Sometime after Joseph's death (1820-21), Margaret and her daughter Mary moved to a house in Leek, Staffordshire, directly opposite that of her niece Mrs Mary Elizabeth Cruso nee Badnall.
Both buildings still stand in Leek.


7. Margaret HOPKINS, daughter of Revd. John William HOPKINS and Mary WORRALL, was born circa [Julian] 1769. She was baptised circa [Julian] 29 September 1769 in Romford. She and Joseph ROE had the following children:


John William ROE ( - )

George ROE ( - )

Jane ROE ( - )

Stockdale ROE ( - )

Margaret ROE ( - )

Frances ROE ( - )

Harriet ROE ( - )

Hannah ROE ( - )


Mary Elizabeth ROE ( - )