Anne UNK (c. 1706-1780)

1. Anne UNK was born circa 1706. She was baptised circa 1706. She married William BEDNALL circa 1727. She died in January 1780 in Crakenmarsh, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. She was buried on 29 January 1780 in St. Marys, Uttoxeter.


William BEDNALL and Anne UNK had the following children:


Sarah BEDNALL (chr.1736, d.1833). Sarah was christened on 28 January 1736 in St. Marys, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. She died in August 1833. She was buried on 25 August 1833 in St. Marys.

William BEDNALL (c. 1734-1823). William was born circa 1734 in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. He was baptised on 16 February 1734 in St. Marys, Uttoxeter, Staffs. He died in October 1823 in Sutton Heath, Derbyshire. He was buried on 7 October 1823.

Dorothy BEDNALL (chr.1740, bur.aft1763). Dorothy was christened on 23 January 1740 in St. Marys. She was buried after 1763.

Mary BEDNALL (chr.1743). Mary was christened on 5 April 1743 in St. Marys.

Thomas BEDNALL (chr.1746, bur.1748). Thomas was christened on 1 October 1746 in St. Marys. He was buried on 26 April 1748 in St. Marys.

Joseph BEDNALL (c. 1749-1833). Joseph was born circa 1749. He was christened on 3 May 1749 in Uttoxeter. He was baptised on 3 May 1749 in St. Mary, Uttoxeter, Staffs.. He died on 7 July 1833 in Breadsall, Derbyshire. He was buried in Morley, Derbyshire.