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Gwennie CHATTERTON ( - )

1. Gwennie CHATTERTON was the daughter of Herbert CHATTERTON ( - ) and Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK (1868- ).

Second Generation

2. Herbert CHATTERTON married Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK.


3. Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK, daughter of William HURLOCK and Susan MAPLES, was born in 1868.


Tottie kept horses, about which she was absolutely fanatical. When,during the first World War, she was told that her horses would be needed for the war effort, she decided that it would be kinder by far to them that they died immediately rather than suffer the injuries and trauma associated with being on the front line: therefore she had all the horses put down immediately.


Herbert CHATTERTON and Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK had the following children:



Gwennie CHATTERTON ( - )

Third Generation

4. William HURLOCK, son of George William HURLOCK and Charlotte HODSELL, was born circa 1840. He was baptised on 11 January 1840 in Deptford, St. Paul. He married Susan MAPLES on 25 March 1864 in St. Alphege, Greenwich. He died in 1925.


".....[had a] thriving business at Walworth Road, Elephant and Castle, comprising many shops on both sides of the road being drapers, gents' outfitters, furniture, boots and shoes, etc. and well known as Hurlocks, Elephant and Castle." - Edgar White.


He became Mayor of St. Albans. During the Boer War, being a staunch liberal, he spoke against the War and the local mobs broke all the windows in Ver House, his house in St. Albans.


By repute, employed most of his family in the business "Hurlocks" which he built up on Walworth Road. Made enough money to "move out" and had a house built in St. Albans, where he became mayor. Apparently, he outlived most of his children, some of whom had various problems, including drink-related ones.


5. Susan MAPLES was born before 1843. She died circa 1908 in St. Albans. She and William HURLOCK had the following children:


William Edward HURLOCK (1862-1864). William was born in 1862. He died in 1864.

William Frederick HURLOCK (1865-1905). William was born in 1865. He died in 1905.

George Herbert HURLOCK (1867-1902). George was born in 1867. He died in 1902.


Charlotte Catherine "Tottie" HURLOCK (1868- )

Walter Hodsell HURLOCK (1871-1902) (known as 'Lily'). Lily was born in 1871. He died on 6 February 1902.

Frederick Alban Rayner HURLOCK (1876-1913). Frederick was born in 1876. He married Emily UNK in 1900 in St. Albans. He died in 1913.