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Louisa BUSBY ( - )

1. Louisa BUSBY, daughter of Robert BUSBY ( - ) and Elizabeth VERNER ( - ), married Francis HARTWELL.

Second Generation

2. Robert BUSBY, son of John ALDRIDGE and Henrietta HOPKINS, married Elizabeth VERNER.


3. Elizabeth VERNER was the daughter of James VERNER. She and Robert BUSBY had the following children:


John BUSBY ( - )


Louisa BUSBY ( - )

Third Generation

4. John ALDRIDGE married Henrietta HOPKINS.


... of St. Leonards Forest.


A letter was written in 1897 to a John B Aldridge, St. Leonards' Forest, Horsham, England asking if it was indeed true that he was a great grandson of John and Henrietta. Apparently no reply was received!


5. Henrietta HOPKINS, daughter of Lieutenant?? Samuel HOPKINS Genteleman of Hayes and Susanna PRIOR, married J Tomlinson BUSBY between [Julian] 1754 and [Julian] 1758. She died circa 1806.


J Tomlinson BUSBY and Henrietta HOPKINS had the following children:


William Beaumont BUSBY (1757?-1820). William was born in [Julian] 1757 (estimated) in Hayes, Middlesex. He was baptised on [Julian] 8 September 1757. He died in 1820.


John ALDRIDGE and Henrietta HOPKINS had the following children:


John 2 ALDRIDGE ( - )


Robert BUSBY ( - )


6. James VERNER has few details recorded about him.


... of Churchill.


James VERNER had the following children:



Elizabeth VERNER ( - )