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Christina LESLIE ( - )

1. Christina LESLIE, daughter of Earl George LESLIE (bef1417-c. 1489) and Christian HALIBURTON ( - ), married William Sinclair, 2nd Lord Sinclair.


William Sinclair, 2nd Lord Sinclair and Christina LESLIE had the following children:


Henry Sinclair, 3rd Lord Sinclair (aft1403-1513). Henry was born between 1403 and 1421. He married Margaret HEPBURN before 4 December 1488. He died on 9 September 1513 in Flodden.

Second Generation

2. Earl George LESLIE was born before 1417. He had the title '1st Earl of Rothes'. He died circa 1489. He married Christian HALIBURTON.


3. Christian HALIBURTON was the daughter of Walter HALIBURTON and Isabella STEWART. She and George LESLIE had the following children:



Christina LESLIE ( - )

Third Generation

4. Walter HALIBURTON was born before [Julian] 1387. He married Isabella STEWART between 1402 and 1408. He died before [Julian] 1447.


also known as Halyburton. He lived at Dileton, Haddington, Scotland.


5. Isabella STEWART, daughter of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany 1st Duke of Albany and Margaret GRAHAM, was born before 1380. She married Alexander Leslie, 7th Earl of Ross.


Walter HALIBURTON and Isabella STEWART had the following children:


Walter HALIBURTON ( -bef1447). Walter died before 1447.


Christian HALIBURTON ( - )