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Countess Marjorie COUNTESS OF CARRICK (bef1250-bef1292)

1. Countess Marjorie COUNTESS OF CARRICK, daughter of Niall, Earl of CARRICK (bef1234-c. 1256) and Margaret STEWART (bef1235- ), was born before 1250. She had the title 'Countess of Carrick'. She died before [Julian] 9 November 1292. She married Robert le Brus.


Robert le Brus and Marjorie COUNTESS OF CARRICK had the following children:


Robert I Bruce KING OF SCOTLAND (1274-1329). Robert was born on [Julian] 11 July 1274 in Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex. He had the title 'King of Scotland'. He died on [Julian] 7 June 1329 in Cardross Castle, Cardross, Argyllshire.

Second Generation

2. Niall, Earl of CARRICK (also known as Neil of Carrick) was born before [Julian] 1234. He had the title '2nd Earl of Carrick'. He died circa [Julian] 1256. He married Margaret STEWART.


3. Margaret STEWART, daughter of Beatrix, was born before 1235.


Niall was Margaret's cousin.


Niall, Earl of CARRICK and Margaret STEWART had the following children:



Marjorie COUNTESS OF CARRICK (bef1250-bef1292)

Third Generation

4. Beatrix (also known as Beatrix (Bethoc) of Angus), daughter of Gilchrist, Earl of Angus, married Walter STEWART.


Eschina was heiress to alnds in Roxburghshire, Scotland.


Walter STEWART and Beatrix had the following children:


Alexander STEWART ( - ). Alexander was a 4th Lord High Steward of Scotland.

John STEWART ( -1249). John died in 1249 in Damietta, Egypt.

Walter Stewart, Earl of Montieth ( - )

William STEWART ( - )


Beatrix had the following children:


Robert STEWART ( - )

John STEWART ( -1249). John died in 1249 in Damietta.

Walter STEWART ( - ). Walter had the title 'Earl of Monteith'.

William STEWART ( - )

Beatrix (Elizabeth) STEWART ( - )

Christian STEWART ( - )

Eupheme FITZALAN ( - )


Margaret STEWART (bef1235- )

Sybella STEWART ( - )