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William MURE of Rowallan (bef1332-c. 1348)

1. William MURE of Rowallan, son of Archibald MURE of Rowallan ( - ) and Margaret de MONTGOMERY of Eaglesham (bef1316- ), was born before 1332. He died circa 1348. He married unk LINDSAY.


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unk LINDSAY and William MURE had the following children:



Adam of Rowallan Mure ( - )

Second Generation

2. Sir Adam of Rowallan Mure, son of William MURE of Rowallan and unk LINDSAY of Craigie, married Jannet UNK.


Jannet UNK and Adam of Rowallan Mure had the following children:



Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure ( -bef1354)

Third Generation

3. Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure, daughter of Sir Adam of Rowallan Mure and Jannet UNK of Polkelly, was born. She appeared in the census. She died before 1354. She married Robert II Stewart KING OF SCOTLAND.


Elizabeth Mure (Muir) was said to be born at Rowallan Castle. Her parents were Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan or Rawalla, Ayrshire and Joan Cunningham[1] or Janet Mure of Ponkelly or Pokellie[2].

She initially became the Steward's mistress. He married her in 1336 but the marriage was criticised as uncanonical, so he remarried her in 1349 following a papal dispensation dated at Avignon 22 November 1347.

She died before her husband inherited the crown at the rather advanced age of 54, and he married again (Papal Dispensation dated 2 May 1355), so she was never queen of Scotland.


King Robert II Stewart KING OF SCOTLAND, son of Walter STEWART (1292-1327) and Princess Margorie Bruce PRINCESS OF SCOTLAND (c. 1297-1316), was born on [Julian] 2 March 1316. He had the title 'King of Scotland'. He died on [Julian] 19 April 1390. He and Elizabeth of Rowallan Mure had the following children:



Robert III (John) Stewart KING OF SCOTLAND (1337-1406). Robert was born in 1337. He had the title 'King of Scotland'. He died on [Julian] 4 April 1406.


Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (c. 1340-1420). Robert was born circa 1340. He was born circa 1340. He had the title '1st Duke of Albany, Earl of Fife'. He had the title 'Earl of Fife, Duke of Albany'. He died on 3 September 1420 in Stirling Castle. He was buried in Dunfermline Abbey.


Alexander STEWART (1343-1394). Alexander was born in 1343. He had the title '1st Earl of Buchan'. He died on 24 July 1394.