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Comets ( - )

1. Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs was the son of Frotmund FARNUNDSON ( - ).


Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs had the following children:


Dronning Vivianne, Avallon Del Acqs ( - )

Second Generation

2. Frotmund FARNUNDSON was the son of Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL and Argotta SICAMBRIA.


Frotmund FARNUNDSON had the following children:



Comets De Toulouse Del Acqs ( - )

Third Generation

3. Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL, son of Frotmund THE GRAIL KING (FISHER KING) and Hatilde PRINCESS OF THE FRANKS, was born circa 0370. He married Argotta SICAMBRIA in 0394. He died in 0427.


(or Pharamund). According to

Pharamond, King of the Franks, was descendant of a long line of Kings and Dukes of the Franks, as well as Kings of Britain and Sicambria and so on; also Boadicea.


4. Argotta SICAMBRIA was born circa 0376. She died circa 0419. She and Faramond FROTMUNDSON ISRAAL had the following children:



Frotmund FARNUNDSON ( - )