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William WALLER (bef1759- )

1. William WALLER, son of unk WALLER ( - ) and unk UNK ( - ), was born before 1759. He was an Ironmonger. He married Rebecca PRIOR on 2 February 1780 in Fareham.


Rebecca PRIOR and William WALLER had the following children:


Thomas WALLER (bef1786- ). Thomas was born before 1786. He was a Carpenter. He married Sarah BESWICK on 11 May 1807.

Second Generation

2. unk WALLER, son of Richard WALLER and Jane PIKE, married unk UNK.


3. unk UNK has few details recorded about her. She and unk WALLER had the following children:



William WALLER (bef1759- )

Third Generation

4. Richard WALLER was born before 1690. He was a "gent of Fareham". He married Jane PIKE on 20 September 1701.


5. Jane PIKE was born. She and Richard WALLER had the following children:



unk WALLER ( - )