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Malcolm DE MORAVIA ( -1350)

1. Malcolm DE MORAVIA, son of Archibald DE MORAVIA (c. 1280-bef1321), died in 1350.


Malcolm did homage to King Edward I at Berwick on 29/8/1296.

Second Generation

2. Archibald DE MORAVIA was born circa 1280. He died before 1321.


Mentioned in the Chartulary of Newbottle, 1280. Subsribed to the oath of fealty to Edward I in 1296. Died in the reign of Robert the Bruce.


Archibald DE MORAVIA had the following children:



Malcolm DE MORAVIA ( -1350)

Roger DE MORAVIA (c. 1321-1350). Roger was born circa 1321. He died on 1 January 1350.