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Henry KING OF ENGLAND ( -1547)

1. Henry VIII KING OF ENGLAND, son of Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND ( -1509) and Elizabeth of York ( - ), married Katherine of Aragon in 1509. He married Anne BOLEYN in 1533. He married Jane SEYMOUR in 1536. He married Anne of Cleves in 1540. He married Katherine HOWARD in 1540. He married Katherine PARR in 1543. He died in 1547.

Second Generation

2. Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND, son of Edmund Tudor 1ST EARL OF RICHMOND and Margaret BEAUFORT, married Elizabeth of York in 1486. He died in 1509.


He reigned 1485-1509.


3. Elizabeth of York has few details recorded about her. She and Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND had the following children:




Arthur TUDOR ( -1502). Arthur died in 1502.

Margaret TUDOR (1489-1541). Margaret was born in 1489. She died in 1541.

Mary TUDOR (1496- ). Mary was born in 1496.

Third Generation

4. Edmund Tudor 1ST EARL OF RICHMOND, son of Owen TUDOR and Catherine de Valois, was born in 1430. He died on 1 November 1456. He married Margaret BEAUFORT.


Edmund was the father of king Henry VII who won the crown of England at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. The partial Welsh ancestry of the Tudor monarchs was ultimately responsible for better relations between England and Wales.

Edmund's own father Owen Tudor, from the Isle of Anglesey in north Wales, had followed king Henry V and gained glory in the wars against the French. He became a courtier and after the death of Henry V became the lover of his widow Katherine of Valois, known as "Katherine the Fair". The couple had three sons and seem to have married in secret.

Before their marriage Katherine, a daughter of the queen of France, had asked about Owen's pedigree. He was asked to produce some relatives for inspection at Windsor Castle. Sir John Wynne writes: "Whereupon he brought into her presence John ap Meredith and Howell ap Llewellyn, his near cousins, men of the goodliest stature and personage, but wholly destitute of bringing-up and nurture; for when the Queen had spoken to them in divers languages, and they were not able to answer her, she said 'they were the goodliest dumb creatures she ever saw'; a proof that Katherine knew several languages, but had no skill in Welsh".


5. Margaret BEAUFORT was the daughter of John Beaufort DUKE OF SOMERSET and Margaret BEAUCHAMP. She and Edmund Tudor 1ST EARL OF RICHMOND had the following children:



Henry VII KING OF ENGLAND ( -1509)